How to increase the bust ?

How to increase the bust ?
You will need:
  • Exercise
  • Olive oil
  • Massage
  • Douches
  • Towel
# 1

There are many ways and opportunities to achieve this goal.The main thing to remember - a set of measures is important, not the individual manipulation of his body.The first thing you definitely need to do to increase the bust - this exercise.The first thing to remember about exercise - they have to be systematic and comprehensive, and not random and mood.

# 2

How to increase the bust with exercise?Let's consider.Exercise - lying on the floor in the form of an asterisk.In his hands, we take anything heavier, such as special dumbbells., And lift them up vertically floor.If the weights are not available, you can take a liter bottle filled with water in case of emergency the book.Hands need to raise slowly to the side, breathe deeply.We need to make divorce in hand five times.Relax a minute, then repeat.Five approaches five times, takes about 15 minutes, at most.Should be done each day, preferably in one and the same tim


# 3

If you are seriously asked the question: how to increase the bust, but the time for home exercise, are sorely lacking, the following exercise can be executed on any public place.Hands need to add in front of chest, palms together, and with the power to press the palms against each other.Pressed, relaxed, pressed, relaxed.Chest with this exercise, should be lifted, and just thirty, forty, several times a day would be sufficient.

# 4

One only exercise to increase the bust, it is not enough.Very effective are various massages.For example, a pair of drops of olive oil, and light independent breast massage once a day, also effectively acts to increase the bust.Contrast shower every morning, then intense rubbing the chest with a towel, as an effective method that should be included in the overall package of measures aimed at increasing the bust.

# 5

If a woman gains weight, the first thing that gets better - it's chest.So if a couple of new kilos, you do not hurt, you can safely use this method.For the most impatient women, or when there is no time for natural increase in their bust, there are such radical methods, such as plastic surgery.It is very important to realize the need for, and, of course, to find a great professional.