How to quickly increase a bust ?

How to quickly increase a bust ?
You will need:
  • Exercise aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles
  • decoction of hops, massage
  • clothes with a large cut
  • Caution and patience
# 1

Ifnature has not endowed woman magnificent bust, and for this reason for her feelings, there are lots of ways to fix this nuance.There are special recipes, exercise, well, and for radical solutions services of plastic surgeons.Let's start with home recipes that recommend women to increase bust.

# 2

How to quickly increase a bust?Still, being at school age, girls are heard and the magical effect of cabbage.Scientists have not been proven a direct link between eating cabbage and the growth of the mammary glands.There is a clue - if the girl in adolescence, her body grows, the cabbage will stimulate breast growth, so if you are under 18, you can try this method.The same action that has hop cones - the use of a decoction of the cones affect the rapid increase in the bust.

# 3

quite effective exercise for breast enlargement.Here are the

simple ones that can be easily carried out at home (you can in an office environment), and it does not take much time.Need to get up to the wall, stretch it with your hands and its intention to move, we try to move it in three minutes.Rested.Then again shift and so 20 times.

# 4

second exercise is suitable for the office environment is not very - get up on all fours, bend, naked in his lap and spun off the floor.If the hands are in fists - the load on the muscles of the chest, will be more effective.10-15 pushup 10 approaches, three times a week, in one and the same time - data manipulation, provide a rapid increase in bust.

# 5

It helps to increase bust breast massage.Several vegetable or olive oil drops - rubbed into the breasts for a few minutes.In order to massage to be effective, it must be done at least once a day.Straight posture, flat back, not only visually enhances the bust, but also makes the image of a woman more attractive and handsome.

# 6

If you need large breasts tomorrow, none of these procedures will not work, they all require time, attention and patience.But you-you have to!Here come to the aid of best friend - bras "push-up".This type of underwear works wonders!In front and in just an instant!For greater effect, you can use special tabs on the cup thanks to this simple way, perfectly shaped breasts and the size you can choose according to your taste.