How to choose a hair color to the face ?

How to choose a hair color to the face ?
You will need:
  • desire to change hair color
  • Hair Dye
# 1

Decide for how long you want to dye your hair, for example, temporarily or permanently.If you are not sure how long will wear a new color, select a temporary hair dye, because they will not be washed off a week or two.Choose the method that will be used when changing hair color;You can either do it at home, or dye your hair in the professional salon.

# 2

before changing the image it is important to know how to choose the right hair color.To do this, take your skin tone and determine what colors look best on you.For example, girls with cool skin tones look good burgundy, red, but no gold or bronze color.If you are not sure, at the expense of your skin tone, refer to your wardrobe for help.

# 3

If you find mostly red, orange and yellow clothes, then most likely, you have a warm skin tone, and you'll look better with a dark red, brown or chocolate-brown hair.Decide how much you are willing to spend time and effort on hair car

e after you are their colors.Becoming a brunette, you'll spend a little time on the content of the new color, while blonde, on the contrary, must follow the tint and color of the new regular.

# 4

If you do not know how to choose the color to the face, it is possible to apply to the master, but before that, pay attention to your natural hair color, it can also help in the selection.Choose a shade that can be compared to your natural color.If you are going to be painted in a lighter color, then you have more opportunity to correct any errors, since it is always easier to darken the color than lighten.

# 5

Make a strand test before painting all of your hair, to determine whether the selected color exactly what you need.Take a few strands of hair, and paint them in the color you have chosen.Once the paint has been washed and dried hair, bring it to your face and see if the color is right for you.

# 6

also search method, how to choose hair color, you can draw attention to the package of the selected paint.Read everything that is not written, it carefully if you are going to dye your hair at home.There's a diagram or drawing is shown, which shows what will be the end result, starting from your initial color.Moreover, not all the paint for all the original hair color.