How to make a big bust ?

How to make a big bust ?
You will need:
  • Sports Training
  • Hops
  • Hormones Supplements
  • food
# 1

Fitouvelichenie bust.Every woman dreams of a large and ample bosom.Among the benign ways of increasing bust popular inclusion in your daily diet of foods that stimulate breast growth.Effect of breast filling can be achieved with the use of hops.Hops contain phytoestrogens special substances that alter the hormones in a woman's body.However, increasing the volume of the bust in this way is fraught with the emergence of problems with the endocrine system.

# 2

Therefore, before using the following recipe, consult with an endocrinologist to question the absence of contraindications.One spoon of dried herb hops pour one cup of boiling water.In closed vessels give it brew for a few hours.Receiving this drink half a glass before meals for a month can solve the problem of how to make a big bust.

# 3

Exercises to increase bust.Exercising to strengthen the pectoral muscles, are available for every woman.Their effective

ness will depend on your patience and careful adherence training.Daily performance of the set of physical exercises guarantees breast lift muscles and increase your forms.

# 4

Here is an example of such a simple and effective exercise.Exercise is called - push-ups against a wall.For its implementation need to take the following initial position - standing, stretch arms outstretched into the wall.Perform vertical push-ups, trying to reach out to the breast wall.The complex of these exercises can be done at home.In addition to training, you can take invigorating douche, aimed at his chest.This will allow you to have a large bust.

# 5

Take special hormones.Without surgical intervention can increase the bust, taking special hormones.After receiving such drugs breast acquires a beautiful and magnificent view.However, we must remember that this is not the safest method, as it has a sufficient number of side effects.Besides the effect of the action of hormones will be only for the period of their immediate use.After discontinuation of hormone bust form will be the same.