How to make breasts bigger ?

How to make breasts bigger ?
You will need:
  • supportive bra breasts
  • Tennis ball
  • Book
  • Pillow
  • Special exercises
# 1

How many women complexes due to the small size of the bust?Men are not, alas, will never understand this suffering.Do not despair, because now you do not have to feel uncomfortable.Thanks to the following tips, you can increase the bust and keep it in good shape.

# 2

Sometimes women have a 30-year breast sag, losing its seductive form.If you do not want the trouble and touched you, compulsory purchase supportive bra.He will keep a beautiful shape and visually increase the size.

# 3

How to make breasts bigger and firmer?Of course, by exercise.For something to his chest held high and beautiful, meet the trained muscles of the back and chest muscles strong.So, exercise for beginners.

# 4

Exercise "tennis ball".Stand with your feet slightly arrange the sides.Point your elbows to the side and forward in her hands hold the ball.Strong and rhythmically squeeze the ball in his hands.This exer

cise is most effective for the development of the chest muscles.Thus, you will strengthen the chest muscles.Never exclude him from the daily set of exercises.

# 5

Exercise "book".Put on each hand a large thick book, pull them forward.Then, spread them in different directions, while not losing.Exercise perform chest muscle force.What would such an exercise?This exercise gives a good result for anyone who wants to restore youth chest.It strengthens the back muscles also.

# 6

Exercise "cushion".Through this method, you no longer have to think how to make breasts bigger.Take a pillow, legs put together.Pillow raise the level of the chest and rhythmically squeeze it intensively.Exercise "smile".Maybe before you ever noticed that when she smiled slightly lifts the breast, which means that also functions.It is necessary to put the fingertips on both sides of the lips.

# 7

Now you will feel much like breast "rises" every time you smile.What makes this exercise?2 in 1: with this exercise not only strengthens the muscles of the chest, but also formed a beautiful form in the cheeks.