How do you make-up to school?

You will need:
  • Choosing the right cosmetics
  • Some skills in the art of make-up
  • Fifteen minutes of free time in the morning
# 1

school years, perhaps one of the most memorableperiods in the life of each person.It was at this time in a teenager lays the groundwork for his future character.Girls in senior classes are transformed into girls and gradually learn to care for face and body.Many in this help mothers or older sisters.But those who have no one to help, trying to comprehend the basics of make-up on their own, through trial and error.

# 2

Lacking experience, young girls are often abused by cosmetic and allow many errors associated with applying makeup.It is important to remember that the school, as well as other schools - a place in which preferred to look restrained enough, hence the make-up should be in a minimalist style.So, how to do make-up to school, to look and fresh, and expressive.

# 3

School makeup involves the use of pastel palette.But this does not mean that it

will look dull - because in order to make the skin tone perfectly flat, and the eyes and the lips must be emphasized restraint, putting some effort, it is not always possible to even experienced professionals.Learning how to do makeup in the style of "bare face" is necessary also because it is such a technique is the base for other types of makeup.

# 4

mastered it, then every girl can independently make any make-up for all occasions.Any make-up always starts with cleansing and moisturizing the skin moisturizer accordingly.This may be a lotion or light cream for young skin.In addition, make a beautiful make-up to school is impossible without the use of foundation, the most suitable for your consistency and shade.

# 5

If the skin there are small flaws in the form of pimples, you should not gloss over their thick, dotted hammer tapping foundation or concealer.In order to consolidate the foundation, walk a thin layer of compact or loose powder on the face.Further, by means of blush or bronzer need to give a person a sculptural, focusing on the cheeks, chin and nose wings.

# 6

Shadows need to choose soothing pastel shades.Apply a little pearly light shadows on the inner part of the eye and under the brow, this technique will help to open your eyes.Then, apply a darker color on the outer part of the century, close to the edge of the eye and in an instant, lashes become thicker and longer.To eyes more expressive and look soft and piercing, be sure to shade the shadow applied on the eyelids.

# 7

But to eyelashes seemed bigger and thicker, you can draw the line with a pencil growth, and then apply mascara on them.Eyebrows slightly Draw strokes along the growth of hair and fix their shape special gel.In the end, apply a clear gloss on the lips and your make-up, bursting with youth, ready!