Ice to the skin around the eyes

Ice to the skin around the eyes
You will need:
  • Clean drinking water
  • decoction of herbs
  • Milk
  • Natural fruit juices
# 1

all very important in female form, so the skin care aroundeyes must be careful and constant, otherwise there will be wrinkles that will later be difficult to clean.This is because the skin in these areas is very thin and there are no muscle that leads to a weakening and stretching it.

# 2

One of the easiest ways in which women use to maintain its beauty, is based on the use of ice, which can be made at home easily.It's enough to take the molds and fill with clean drinking water in them, put in the refrigerator.The ice will be ready in 12 hours.In addition to drinking water, tap water can be used, but it needs to be before it boil and cool.

# 3

loose skin under the eyes does not paint the fair sex, but this problem can be solved by applying ice concoctions of herbs.To prepare it, you need to take chamomile, calendula, or parsley, and other herbs can and pour the boiling water, let it brew, c

ool and pour into molds, put in the freezer.The ice from herbs can be used after 12 hours.Moreover, it will be more useful and effective than ice water.

# 4

excellent tonic effect has ice made from water and milk.Ice and water are mixed and poured into molds, placed in a freezer.Useful properties of natural fruit juices can be used to care for delicate skin around the eyes, if you prepare from them ice, which, unfortunately, can not be stored for long periods.So do not make it in large quantities, and the only one to three days.

# 5

6. Use ice for skin around the eyes should be twice a day - in the morning and evening, only in this case you can feel the change for the better.But do you need to wipe the ice carefully so as not to chill the skin.For one time only one piece of ice, which is first carried out on the upper eyelid from the inner edge to the outer, and then wipe the lower lid from the outer edge to the nose.With these simple steps improves the skin condition, its color, she pulls disappearing signs of fatigue and swelling, which is often worried about girls and women.

# 6

For the best effect and anti-swelling use ice, consisting of chamomile and St. John's wort, black and green tea, which take a quarter cup, pour boiling water, then insist about an hour, strain and pour into molds,frozen.Use this ice should be every day in the mornings and evenings.Application of ice - an easy way to care for the skin around the eyes, which is not time-consuming.