How to do massage on the wrinkles around the eyes ?

How to do massage on the wrinkles around the eyes ?
You will need:
  • Olive oil patience and accuracy
  • Self-discipline
  • cream for the skin around the eyes
  • small mirror
# 1

To prevent wrinkles around the eyes must constantlyto monitor the expression of his face.Do not frown and squint.To control this, you can carry a small is recommended to prepare the skin before beginning a massage.To this must be applied to the skin in the eye area light cream to be applied to point movements.If the cream just to smear the skin, then you can easily stretch it, thus causing the appearance of new unwanted wrinkles.

# 2

Top beauticians recommend to choose the method of massage, depending on age.For women older than 25-28 years should be hygienic massage the skin around the eyes, it will warn the appearance of wrinkles and refreshes the skin noticeably.Women between the ages of 40-45 years, it is best to choose a massage from the wrinkles around the eyes of the plastic nature, which will help keep the skin supple and youthful.

# 3

Massage for the skin around the eyes only strictly on massage lines can be carried out, which are located in the direction of least tension skin folds.Currently, there are five basic massage action - is stroking, vibration, friction, effleurage and kneading.The most important of these actions - rubbing and stroking.Vibration and effleurage are also part of any massage complex.Kneading refers to the medical measures necessary to carry out its own with caution.It must be remembered that if a person has on the skin redness or a rash, the massage should be postponed.

# 4

as an instrument of massage is best to use the pad of the ring finger, as this is the most gentle, soft and virtually untapped in the skin of the fingers.

# 5

How to massage your eyes: you must first click on the inner corners of the eyes padded ring finger, while slightly pressing on the skin.Then gradually move your fingers along the lower eyelid to the inner corner.Then the same movements should be promoted on the upper eyelid.After this warm-up followed by Tapping massage movements with fingertips.It is necessary to remember that on the upper eyelid to move from the inner corner to the outer and on the lower eyelid, on the contrary - from the outside to the inside.Further rapid light vibrating movements of the index, ring and middle finger touch the skin around the eyes.

# 6

To achieve good results it is best to massage systematically - not less than two or three days a week, from time to time using the massage olive oil instead of the usual cream for the skin around the eyes.It is known that olive oil is rich in various vitamins, so its use will help to maintain skin elasticity.Before applying the oil is recommended to warm slightly to a temperature slightly higher than body temperature.