How to remove wrinkles around the eyes ?

How to remove wrinkles around the eyes ?
You will need:
  • raw or boiled potatoes Cucumber
  • Banana Apple Grapes
# 1

Wrinkles around the eyes appear at all people.However, someone they can appear earlier, and someone - later.The reasons for their appearance very much.This habit of squinting from the sun's rays, and apply makeup, and age-related deterioration of the skin.But, nevertheless, to combat the phenomenon can be and should be.You can use all sorts of masks, packs and massages.

# 2

most often at home is used masks and compresses.The mask is applied by using a piece of gauze, which is applied on the nutrient paste.This slurry may be prepared of the various products.Impose a mask for about fifteen to twenty minutes.The healing power of nature tell you how to remove wrinkles around the eyes with a mask of apples, potatoes, bananas, grapes, parsley root, honey, raspberry.

# 3

Another method used by women in the fight against wrinkles, - it compresses.For their use, you can use cotton swabs or pieces of gauze.And t

o prepare itself of the compress can be used such ingredients as natural aloe vera, natural oils (and, any), very oily solution well suited vitamin E, milk, butter, herbal infusions sage, striped, parsley, chamomile, lime blossom.Such herbal infusions are prepared quite simple: take one tablespoon herb spoon and pour her a glass of boiling water.The only thing necessary to ensure that compresses do not hit in the eye.If this happens it is necessary to quickly rinse the eyes with plenty of water.In order to protect yourself from getting a compress or eye mask, you must go to not horizontally and slightly raising the head.

# 4

Removal of wrinkles around the eyes and perhaps even with the help of massage.But massage is necessary at a time when the area around the eye cream is applied.To get the maximum effect can be applied together with the cream during the massage, and some anti-aging agent, for example, means to care for the eye contour.Massage should be done gently, without making any serious effort.

# 5

First you need to lightly tapped his fingers on the located around the eye area.Then, very gently with fingertips to press on the outer corners of your eyes.After that light, barely perceptible movements go from the outer corners of the eye to the inside.And there is one good way of wrinkle prevention - Daily charge for the eyes.You must enter it into a habit, and then you will not be disturbed not only wrinkles, but also vision problems for a long time will be unfamiliar to you.