How to reduce sebum ?

How to reduce sebum ?
You will need:
  • treatment laser (1450 nm)
  • laser operator or physician
  • definition of the desired treatment
# 1

Find a clinic where the treatment is performed by laser acne.Search the Internet sites devoted to laser therapy, to find where it is in your area.Set the time for consultation.

# 2

If you decide to learn how to reduce the production of sebum, make the clinic analysis of acne and skin type.Since the laser affects dark hair pigment of the epidermis, to determine the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtreatment, people with darker skin and light hair may be at greater risk of the treatment.

# 3

Next specialist must develop a customized treatment plan how to reduce sebum.Find out how much you'll need sessions, as well as schedule and price.Also check on the precautions you should take according to your individual treatment plan.

# 4

period before treatment How can expose less skin exposed to the sun for 6 weeks before the first scheduled session.It should refrain from sunbathing and tanning,

do not come often on the street at the time, which you can recommend a specialist.

# 5

Wash the skin before the procedure.Clean the surface of the skin from make-up, lotions and oils.

# 6

Apply outer anesthetic (optional) immediately before the procedure.Anesthetic will gel, applied only to the affected area.

# 7

procedure Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser.The doctor will also use gloves and goggles for protection.

# 8

Lie.The doctor will treat your acne laser probe.He sprayed skin cooling to prevent epidermal burns on contact with a laser beam.Then the doctor will treat active acne on your face fast laser pulses.

# 9

Gently clean the skin and continue normal activities, but try to continue to avoid sunlight.During the day, use sunscreen, and apply daily cream recommended to you at the clinic.A significant reduction in sebum will become noticeable after a few more sessions.

# 10

to a significant reduction in sebum production requires several sessions of therapy - in most cases 3-4 sessions.As a rule, they pass every 5 days to the sebaceous glands can produce a new cycle of active acne.

# 11

Make sure the operator is sufficiently experienced to work with this type of laser, as the inept handling can make the procedure painful, ineffective, cause burns and cause skin discoloration.

# 12

Minimal side effects include redness of the treated areas exposed to, as well as change the skin tone in these areas.