How beautiful long hair curl ?

How beautiful long hair curl ?
You will need:
  • Set for home perms
# 1

you have already decided, but still do not know how to curl your hair long?Before perm is necessary to understand the type and condition of your hair.Very thin, rigid or Asian hair is usually exposed to bad perms and need alkaline exposure.Healthy, streaked or dyed hair, on the contrary, the best curl compositions using acid.Alkaline compositions create a very strong curls, acid - free, soft curls.

# 2

Depending on your hair type, select the desired type of curling.Some tools will create a dense, small curls, others - large, loose curls.Decide how you want to look, so you do not feel sorry for what he did.

# 3

Buy a set for home perm in the salon or pharmacy.All kits for self-use can be used only on healthy hair and some experience.Otherwise, find a good specialist.

# 4

Carefully read the instructions on the package and make sure that you understand all of these steps.You may need to seek help from a friend or family member to beautifull

y curled long hair.The solution for a wave - a strong reagent, and his contact with the skin should be avoided.Before you start, always wear protective gloves and cover the face and neck.

# 5

Wash your hair, blot with a towel, but do not comb.In zavismosti on the type of curling screw the hair curlers on a permanent Get started with tips and prodivigaytes up.Apply to the hair waving composition, rub it in every strand and leave for the time recommended by the manufacturer.Then rinse completely with the means of hair, apply a neutralizing composition and dry the hair dryer.Do not put the hair for 24 hours.

# 6

To dry your hair and minimize the harmful effects of curling, use a good moisturizing conditioner.

# 7

not brush does not fit and do not dry the hair for 24 hours after a wave - these actions can spoil everything.