How to care for long hair ?

How to care for long hair ?
You will need:
  • Masks
  • conditioners
  • balms
  • Vitamins
# 1

We will open some secrets for you on how to care for long hair.Long hair is easily subjected to mechanical damage.So it is advisable not to dissolve the hair in the street, especially in windy conditions.Luxury curls can get lost in a variety of fasteners and eyelets clothing.Sometimes, unfortunately, it is practically impossible to untangle the hair and you have to cut some locks.

# 2

Combing long hair should be as gently as possible.If the ends of her hair tangled and formed nodules, it is necessary to try to disentangle them carefully.Of course, with long hair such situations occur quite often.Combing the hair begins with the tips up.

# 3

Most fashionistas prefer to experiment with their appearance several times a year.But to carry out dyeing long hair is not recommended.Chemical paint spoil the hair and drain them, making it more brittle.But to change the shade of hair is still possible.So in the stores sell special n

atural dyes such as henna.Henna not only colors the hair, but also strengthens them.

# 4

Of course, the choice of natural colors is limited.Accordingly, it is impossible to get all sorts of shades.But in addition to hair dye can be cooked at home.Suffice it to find information on the Internet and paint recipes or firming masks, based only on natural ingredients.

# 5

to wash the head must be approached very responsibly.Very often it happens that at the base of the head hair becomes greasy, and on the tips - dry.In this case, you must use a special shampoo combo.Or, you can choose two different shampoo.One washed the roots of the hair, and the other - the tips.

# 6

Caring for long hair involves the mandatory use of special balms and hair conditioners.Correctly selected hair care products not only strengthen the hair, but also contribute to easy combing.Select balm and air conditioning is usually quite simple.Any cosmetic company develops a series of products for hair care.And if one shampoo brand came to your hair, then you can safely take, and air conditioning balms or of the series.Of course, there are exceptions.

# 7

Hair tips splits, trihoptiloz are one of the most common problem of long hair.It should be every 3 three months to trim split ends.Optimally trimmed hairs per centimeter or less.Beauty salons are now offering this popular service as trimming split ends with hot scissors.

# 8

worth noting that dull hair can signal that the body lacks certain vitamins.In this case, you need to make in your diet more fruits and vegetables.Also in pharmacies sell special vitamin complexes, but they should be taken only after consultation with your doctor.

# 9

Long hair should be long and carefully comb.

# 10

to stimulate hair growth, it is desirable to carry out daily self-massage sessions easy.It should be smooth movements to massage the scalp.In this case, the blood flow is improved.But the result will be evident only after several months.

# 11

Wash your head should not be more than 2 times per week.

# 12

Certainly, among the cosmetic in the arsenal of every woman always varnishes, Musa and gels.But to apply them to the long hair is extremely undesirable.If you must use mousse and gel, evening hair should be thoroughly rinsed.

# 13

Another negative factor is the drop or impact is too high or low temperatures.Cold winters and hot summer sun dries the hair, making them more brittle.Therefore, winter and summer, hair should be hidden under a cap or a cap.Also, in these times you need to pay more attention to nutrition hair.

# 14

Bedtime hair in a braid, it is desirable to collect.

# 15

course, long hair require careful care.But beautiful silky curls make the image of the woman's charm and sophistication.After all, social scientists have long noted that the owner of luxury long hair often attract the eye of men, than women with short hair.