How dolphins help people ?

How dolphins help people ?
You will need:
  • address dolphin Institute
  • consultation
  • positive mood
  • friendliness
  • love for animals and nature
# 1

Dolphin therapy is performed under supervision of a physician, coach andpsychologist.Each animal takes special training.This achieves maximum efficiency of treatment.Communicating with the dolphin makes a person forget about their problems, turn your attention to the game with an animal.

# 2

In addition, the dolphin he comes in contact.He is waiting for the response of interest on the part of a man trying to entice him with his game.Animal exhibits friendliness and interest.And most importantly, dolphin, like any animal, can not lie.All his actions are sincere.A person who suffers from depression, it is necessary first of all sincere and selfless attitude.After all, open to others, is quite difficult to tell about their problems.There is always the fear that we do not understand, or even not taken seriously our concerns, feelings.Of course, the dolphins do not under

stand human speech, but they feel the emotions, which are painted the words and sentences.

# 3

Dolphins communicate with each other by means of special signals.Unfortunately, they are not accessible to the human ear, as transmitted at a frequency up to 300 kHz.When the patient is a dialogue with the dolphin, animal, using an ultrasonic sonar, trying to identify the disease, which affects people.Even when it comes to depression.And by means of ultrasonic sonar stimulates the central nervous system.

# 4

Dolphins on the structure of your body is very similar to human.These animals developed intelligence, similar to contact the blood.In addition, the dolphin body temperature is usual for us to 36.6 degrees.Breathe these beautiful animals, like people, easy.Do not forget about the four-chambered heart, and a similar ECG.Living Dolphins 50-60 years.But, unfortunately, their age in captivity rarely exceeds 30.

# 5

All this in the most positive influence on that communication between humans and dolphins is a genuine interest for both parties.After all, during the depression we are trying to protect themselves from other people.Spent hours in solitude and bad go to the contact.But the dolphins help people regain interest in communicating the joy of life.In addition, they are very calm the nervous system, which has been drained under the influence of prolonged stress.Dolphins treat people.

# 6

Nature gave us amazing animals.The duty of every man - to make every effort to preserve it, to protect it from the barbaric, brutal and merciless destruction.Otherwise, in the end, humanity will doom itself to extinction.After all, we and nature - is a unified whole.Violation of this harmony no one will be consequences.