The scrub fukortsin skin ?

The scrub fukortsin skin ?
You will need:
  • Baby cream or lotion
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Calendula tincture
  • Vitamin C
  • Salicylic acid
# 1

To wash fukortsin can use the usualfat children's cream or lotion.It is necessary to put on a cotton ball or cotton wool small amount of cream or lotion and rub the stained portion.But do not overdo it, intense friction may cause local irritation.

# 2

You can also try a normal soap solution to be more effective in this case is a solution with soap.It should be a small amount of clean, warm water to dissolve a small piece of soap.Cotton swab rinse traces fukortsinom.

# 3

Calendula tincture, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, and copes with the removal of stains from the skin fukortsinom.The only negative - it is a pungent smell.Since calendula tincture in its composition has alcohol, be careful for people with sensitive skin.Tincture is ideal to remove traces fukortsinom from all parts of the skin, in addition to the face.

# 4

Some sources claim that fukortsin ca

n be easily washed off by means of hydrogen peroxide.Painted skin should be treated with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.Hydrogen peroxide has a lightening effect.

# 5

In addition to these funds well removes traces fukortsinom ordinary vitamin C. Buy it in powder form can also be in any drugstore.To prepare the solution of vitamin C you need 1 bag weighing 2.5 grams dissolved in warm water.Vigorously stirred until complete dissolution of the pellets.The resulting solution rinse marks fukortsinom with a cotton pad or swab.Vitamin C is also very good whitens the skin.

# 6

If all of the above means, for whatever reason, have not helped, you can try to use salicylic alcohol.It can be found in the pharmacy of your city.A cotton pad or tampon is necessary to moisten a small amount of salicylic alcohol.You should be careful, because he has a strong Dries up oily property.Do not forget to rinse with clean water treated skin area.Salicylic alcohol is not recommended to use for such purposes for people with sensitive skin.

# 7

Anyway, everyone should choose its own way to get rid of traces of fukortsinom.Even if you do not use any of the above methods, fukortsin be washed by itself over time, just waiting time will be slightly longer.Moreover, the majority of children do not mind this kind of "war paint".