How to lower your heart rate ?

How to lower your heart rate ?
You will need:
  • Availability palpitations
  • Medical examination
  • ability to promptly listen to the well-being
  • Positive attitude
# 1

frequent heart beats after the burst of emotion or active physical activities- it is a normal reaction, and to bring the heart function to normal operation takes very short time span.But too long palpitations or rapid heart rate (called tachycardia) in quiet situations, says that any irregularities in the heart of the system structure.The earlier they are detected, the treatment will be more productively.In order to have an accurate idea of ​​the condition of the heart, and how to reduce the heart rate properly and without harm to the body, pays a visit to the clinic, we pass the required examination and obtain the opinion of medical specialists.

# 2

Regardless of diagnosis analyze the possible causes of tachycardia (image and rhythm of life, emotional stress, diet and nutrition, and other conditions) in order to neutralize or at least reduce the effect

s of most of them.Reduce the amount in your diet and sugar-containing products of sugar (ideally - rule at all), since this active accomplices produce adrenaline.And this "stress hormone," in turn, increases blood pressure and heart rate speeds up.

# 3

conduct monitoring your diet so that in most of the products containing magnesium and potassium.Last indispensable in regulating heart rate, and therefore helps to reduce both heart rate and normalize metabolism in the myocardium.Potassium rich in all kinds of fruit, strawberry, vegetables (especially zelenolistovye), yogurt and milk.Magnesium also, among other things, regulate cholesterol, reduces the voltage stress and improves sleep.Most of this element in buckwheat and buckwheat honey, bran and legumes.

# 4

Control the intake of caffeine (coffee, cola, chocolate and tea) and alcohol, as it is one of the biggest instigators increased frequency of heart contractions.We are learning and gently apply traditional medicine (soothing infusions, aromatherapy), which allow to cope with tachycardia.

# 5

In view of the general condition and medical advice available to develop a set of training and exercises.We are engaged in on a regular basis to make the heart stronger and help him cope with the adrenaline rush.Connect (preferably with the help of professional instructors) to the training elements of yoga techniques that work to calm, slow breathing and relaxation in general.