How to become a blood donor?

How to become a blood donor?
You will need:
  • Time
  • desire to help sick people
# 1

Not everyone can become a blood donor.It must meet certain requirements, which will ensure its suitability for blood plasma manufacturing, transfusion and so on.In addition, the blood, put for the first time, sent to quarantine to prevent any symptoms of diseases which are in the incubation period.

# 2

Procedures blood donation a few.Simple - Blood taken from a single donor in a volume of 400-500 ml.Letting platelets - a more complex version, since the blood is filtered to take away from her platelets are collected in a volume of 450 ml, then the remaining blood is returned back to the donor.Letting plasma - also complicated procedure of donated blood is separated into plasma volume of 400 ml, and the remains are returned to the donor.There is another complex form of blood sampling - Deposit granulocytes.Their shelf life is only a day, so a special drug is injected the day before the delivery of blood to the donor, improve their ret


# 3

blood need to take any special transfusion stations whose address can be found in the clinic in the community, either directly to the hospitals.When you visit the item transfusion need to carry an identity document with a registration mark.This is to ensure that physicians can create their own donor base.Before you donate blood, you must be checked by a doctor and some blood tests - chemical, clinical, for viruses of syphilis, HIV and hepatitis.At the same time, the analysis on the blood group affiliation will be held and the Rh factor.Analyses shall be transfusion station for a few days from the immediate delivery of blood and repeated before each of them.

# 4

best time to donate blood - 8-11 am.During this period, the human body is best carries blood loss, while physicians have time to prepare it as necessary and sent to such donor requirements: age should not be less than eighteen years of age, the maximum age is determined by the doctor depending on the health of the donor, the donor body weight not less than fifty kilograms.Furthermore, the person should not be infectious diseases of the internal organs, blood, surgeries or nerve disorders.The list of diseases can be divided into two parts - the first donation is forbidden forever, when the second you need to wait for some time to release the blood from the infection.

# 5

There are not only permanent restrictions, but also time.So, for example, women can become a donor is not earlier than five days after the end of menstruation, in the case of pregnancy, not earlier than one year after the birth of the child, no earlier than three months after breast feeding and not earlier than six months after the abortion.In addition, the donor must wait for some time after the adoption of tablets and alcohol, vaccinations should not smoke.

# 6

Approximately two or three days before delivery of the blood donor should carefully monitor their diet.It is necessary to exclude the use of fried, fatty, smoked, dairy, spicy foods and eggs.Increase fluid intake - tea, juices, water, quit smoking and alcohol and drugs.Blood is necessary to take on an empty stomach, before surrendering to sleep well.

# 7

Depending on the type of blood donation procedure can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours.All this time around you will be a doctor or nurse, if you donate blood between you become ill, you must be sure to let them know about it.