How to protect against insects?

How to protect against insects?
You will need:
  • Repellents
  • Tight clothing
  • knowledge of the properties of some plants
# 1

The best and proven way to fight the insects, which gives almost absolute protection against insects - justnot to bite yourself.Suffice thick clothes and a special grid for a person to bloodsuckers could not get to you.However, in hot weather, in such clothes did not get any rest, so other options can be used.

# 2

Today the market sells a huge number of special preparations, insect repellent.Here and repellents, and creams, lotions and sprays that are applied to the skin or clothing.Means quite effective, but there are also significant drawbacks.The fact that the chemicals from which they are made, can have a negative impact on health.Therefore, it is not recommended to use them more often than two or three times a day, and after application is necessary to wash their skin with soap and water.

# 3

however, is not always the necessary means to defend themselves from insects are at hand.In t

his case, you will be known for a long time the plants, which are able to repel insects, but also eliminate the effects of their bites, itching and burning.

# 4

Who does not know the bird cherry?Its flowers are suitable not only for spring bouquets.Special substances, volatile allocated its leaves and flowers are harmful to blood-sucking insects, so they prefer to fly around the side of a bird cherry.Overnight halt or arranged for this plant, ensure a comfortable stay.The branches of cherry, put in a tent, from her scare bloodsuckers.If you are not in place, and driving around, you can rub it into mush leaves and rub her hands and face - annoying insects will try to fly you to a party.

# 5

In the fields are very common plant group with a long stem, leaves similar to leaves of mountain ash and small bright yellow flowers, gathered in inflorescences.It tansy, or, as it is called, the field pock.The strong smell of the plant repels insects perfectly, so it can also be used as a bird cherry.In addition, the pounded leaves of tansy, applied to insect bites, well reduce discomfort.

# 6

Experienced tourists at a stop for the night fumigate tents with smoke from a field of wild rosemary and chamomile.Note, however, that the rosemary plant is poisonous, so after fumigation tent must be ventilated.

# 7

elder grassy as well deters insects, but to treat it should also be careful, as with wild rosemary, as it is also poisonous.

# 8

Pounded leaves, stems and flowers of white clover are excellent protection against blood-sucking insects, in addition, they are completely safe for humans.

# 9

In clearings and along roads grows another effective insect repellent.It toadflax, find it simply due to the high, up to ninety centimeters stems and collected in the brush of bright yellow flowers.

# 10

Juniper can also be protected from insects, only the fruits and branches need to rub to form a slurry.

# 11

About repellent properties of wormwood known even birds and animals that use it to get rid of parasites.Bitter smell of this plant is not to your taste, and mosquitoes.

# 12

In conclusion, we can not ignore another folk remedy, only raises questions about its effectiveness.When he saw a mosquito, you need to tell him, "Do you want to drink blood?Or pay or continue to fly! ".Since the money from the evil bloodsucker certainly not paying him nothing and he would have to fly to look for another victim.