How to work out the correct diction ?

How to work out the correct diction ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Rope
  • Poems from a larger number of rows
# 1

To draw up a correct diction, should be well developed facial muscles involved in the pronunciationsounds.Therefore, we will not talk about the various techniques aimed at, to say the sound correctly - you can find them on their own.We will stop by itself will appear on the special exercises that will cause the muscles of the face and mouth is a condition in which the correct pronunciation of certain sounds.

# 2

first step is to find a room in which you are engaged.It should be a large room with good acoustics, without distracting objects or people.

# 3

first exercise is aimed at the development of a weak lower jaw.It is necessary to hand hold the chin in one position.Say the words "MAY", "PAI", "BAI", and the like, where the head should lean back and on the letter "J" to return to the starting position.Do this exercise until until feeling muscular freedom.After this, try to do the same exercis

e, but on turning heads left and right.Try to get your chin shoulder, not forgetting that the letter "J" should head back to the starting position.

# 4

The following exercise is designed to develop the soft palate.Try drawl pronounce the letter "M", pushing with his head back as if you gargle air.After you perform this exercise easily, it can be more difficult, forbidding himself to pull the lower jaw.

# 5

to develop flaccid lips and tongue perform the following exercises: Setting the language of the lower lip, try speaking a syllable "NET";Quickly removing the tongue sticking out, and for your teeth, try speaking a syllable "AU";Several times, say "CTE", "TCR", "CT", "DRT";In order to improve the work of the lips utter the "TV", "MB", "BM" and so on;Pull his lips and say the sound "M-M-M ', and then smile.

# 6

To fix the sound flaw in the resonating cavity of the mouth, you need to stand up straight, slowly inhaling say "C-C-C-C-C ...", "sh-sh ...""F-F-G-F-F ...", "P-P-P-P-P", "RRRR ...".Then exhale vigorously to say "O! O! O! O!", Gradually turning into "FFFFFFFF ...".To fix the same problem clamp her mouth and try to clearly pronounce the sound "M", and then, when the mouth is already open, you need to read the text with a lot of sound "H" or "M".

# 7

To overcome gasping with rapid conversation or while talking and walking, in an inclined position go, as if you were looking for any subject and at the same time, try speaking any quatrain, watching,to breathing was regular.You can also jump rope and pronounce simple poem so that the syllables of words coincided with jumps.

# 8

order to strengthen the voice and his band should take any poetic text, which consists of eight or more lines and begin pronounce it so that the first term accounts for the lower range of your voice, and then heeach line was increased and reached its peak at the latest.Once you have mastered this exercise, you will need to start with a high finish, and low ranges.As soon as you have mastered both of these exercises, increase the number of lines in a poem.

# 9

These simple exercises will help you in the least necessary to develop the muscles that are responsible for the correct pronunciation of sounds and elaborate diction.Once you have mastered them, take any technique and start her master.You will see how much easier it would be to do than to start the development of diction without any training.