How to fall asleep quickly and easily ?

How to fall asleep quickly and easily ?
You will need:
  • desire to spend more time sleeping
  • appropriate atmosphere in the bedroom
  • Calm before bedtime
# 1

you can not easily fall asleep in the apartment, which has recently been maderepairs?It would seem that you have thoroughly thought out design of the bedroom, but the dream vanished?Pay attention to the color scheme of the room.Perhaps your bedroom done in bright colors that excite the mind, but do not suppress emotions.Perhaps the apartment still smells of finishing materials and these odors do not allow you to fall asleep quickly.Carefully evaluate the room, and if possible, try a couple of days to sleep in another room.

# 2

important to sleep every day a certain number of hours.Better to 7-8.Many of us in the middle of the week reduce the rest time to 4-5, and sleep off the weekend.This is not only harmful to the body as a whole, but also violates certain rhythms.Our brain gets off, the biological clock is it going faster, then slower.Simply put, our bodies may want t

o sleep during the day, but do not want the night.

# 3

In order to get to sleep quickly, do not load up at night, take a drink.It is better to drink a cup of milk with honey, take a warm bath with relaxing aroma oils.Do not be amiss to just calm down, to lie, to listen to music to relax, read a good book.

# 4

Do not count sheep jumping over the barrier or elephants.This activity proved to be useless.It turned out that believes a person can not relax and inadvertently focuses on "one hundred fifty-sixth or one hundred and fifty-seventh elephant."Better to just dream, if you can not sleep.Imagine yourself on the beach.You will not notice how to fall asleep to the sound of waves.

# 5

Choose the right time to sleep.Do not torture yourself, and go to bed at 7 pm before an important meeting.Most likely, it will be able to sleep anyway midnight.But the 4-5 hours you will not be relaxing, and more strain your nervous system, which without it is under stress before an important event.