How to apply and store essential oils ?

How to apply and store essential oils ?
You will need:
  • essential oil
  • sheet of white paper and a glass of water
  • Vegetable oil
# 1

choosing oil, pay attention to the capacity in which it is sold - essentialoil badly react to light, so the color of the bubble should be dark.It must be kept tightly capped to prevent weathering.The package must be instruction in Latin and Russian, in which you will learn about the manufacturer and the product itself.

# 2

Check essential oil can, dropping it on the sheet of paper.If he is of good quality, you should drop by almost did not stay because these oils evaporate well.If drops remain on the site of fat trace of bright color, it is not worth buying.Also, if you add a drop of oil in the water, it should not be dissolved.

# 3

not recommended to start aromaterpiyu without consulting with a doctor who can tell you about the effectiveness of this treatment for your condition.You do not want to visit a doctor?At least just check the contraindications of the drug, which are specified in

the instructions.If you have an allergy to various aromatic drugs, it is not worth the risk, right from aromatic treatments.Mix a drop of oil and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil, the resulting mixture rub on a small area of ​​skin on your arm.If after 12 hours you have not appeared irritated, then you can safely use this oil.

# 4

The instructions also specified the duration and the use of oil.This is due to the fact that, as all therapeutic drugs, it can be addictive and decreases treatment efficiency.

# 5

Do not use essential oils in their pure form.They can be added in cream, lotion or oil.At high concentrations of oil are dangerous and toxic.For the same reason it is not recommended to use them inside!

# 6

Keep essential oils can be up to 2 years, only citrus fruits are less durable - they must be used within one year.Select a location to store the oil that there will not penetrate the sunlight.It is worth noting that the essential oil will retain all of their therapeutic properties, if it is to be in a stable temperature.You can put essential oil in the refrigerator, and always clean it there after use.

# 7

Successful use of essential oils, health and beauty!