How to take a shower the man ( with humor ) ?

How to take a shower the man ( with humor ) ?
You will need:
  • The belief that this is how to take a shower all
  • Towel
  • bath accessories (soaps, cleansers)
  • clothes set (can be one that you remove when youundress)
# 1

Take off your clothes.There is no need to put it gently."Who's supposed to - he will remove."In the bath you can go naked, so right to take a shower.Really, who have in this house still have not seen this?

# 2

Admire their unrivaled passing by a mirror.This will greatly enhance your self-esteem.Play cubes press, if you find them on your torso and abdomen.Can a grimace.

# 3

Stand in the shower, take a sponge.You can lather it, and you can do without it.Water still wash away all superfluous.Wash your face and other body parts.Take the first available butylёk (there is bound to be cleaning something).Pour it on his palm, then smear the head.If mylitsya bad, take the same butylёk, but standing up lid.Make sure that the first was a hair conditioner.Now, you are not wrong - it is a shampoo.

# 4

Obleytes water.And even if the foam remains on the body, you do not notice will not bring harm.Get out of the shower.Persistently do not notice a puddle of water on the floor.This flood simply could not satisfy you, is washed exactly 5 minutes.This brought the cat paws or ... In general, no matter who, importantly, do not you.So take a shower men.

# 5

wipe.If the heat in the house - you can not do it, so dry.Look in the mirror.Think about whether you will go a long hair.

# 6

Go back to the pile of clothes.If it had been removed, a loud scream and indignant "who dared to throw in the dirty, quite clean underwear and socks."You can also inquire loudly where hidden clean clothes.After receiving a set of clothes, throw a wet towel on the bed.

# 7

Fall asleep with peace of mind.Hair itself tuck cushion (and why it still exists), and you will not have to stand in front of a mirror with a hairdryer.

# 8

As Whatever it was funny, but many men take a shower so.Only constant attention can teach women the stronger sex to a more detailed and attentive to themselves.