How a woman taking a shower ( with humor ) ?

How a woman taking a shower ( with humor ) ?
You will need:
  • Several baskets for dirty clothes
  • Beautiful negligee
  • weight of sponges and other means for washing
  • Antibacterials
# 1

Before I go into the shower,take care of the cleanliness of the shower tray or bath.Thoroughly wash it with an antibacterial agent.Ensure clean.Not satisfied?Wipe the surface several times.Tell everyone that you go into the shower.Let everyone know that a woman taking a shower!

# 2

Take off your clothes and fold it into the corresponding basket.Do not forget to sort the linen (white with white, black with black, color with color).You can also acquire a capacity for t-shirts, bras and other items toilet.

# 3

Put robe and pretend to have forgotten something in the room (scissors, facial cream, mask, etc.).Walk in a beautiful dress by men.Surprise him a new pedicure, show the beauty of the legs or other body parts.Be sure to look in the mirror, sticking out his abdomen and lower lip.So you are at the same time show itself, the body is not perfect

and you are unhappy with it.At the same time you will find a topic to talk with you with me during the washing of the body treatments.

# 4

Stand under the shower.Take the sponge hand.Carefully wipe the body, massage it.Perhaps on the surface hardness.Next, perform the same procedure with a sponge for the feet, the face, the whole body.Rinse the body.Do not forget to do this several times.When temperature drops to heighten the effect shout that this is the last time.Now you'll be to enhance skin tone to use only wrapping of nettle juice and chocolate sugar.

# 5

thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo "Six in One" with an extract of the young bacon, heart, paper serpentine stretch running Tiger.Use a tool to enhance the brightness of each of 36 filaments, straightening the roots and the ends of the hair and relieve fatigue from your curls.Take a balm to enhance the effect of attractiveness and excretion of stress hormones.Do not rinse agent for 45 minutes.

# 6

Clean the face with a mask consisting of grated stomach hippo and bergamot.

# 7

Turn off shower.Wipe all wet parts.Wash the floor by removing the moisture.Note that stained legs.Repeat the procedure for the adoption of the soul again.

# 8

Exit out of the shower.Use a towel for the feet, hand, body (in which you can wrap up half of China's population, if desired).Wrap head with a towel.

# 9

Do not forget to make a luxurious makeover.Because you can not show the man in this form.

# 10

Do not forget that health does not require the maximum amount of funds.Often just enough shampoo and body gel.Have fun and a sense of humor!Do not forget to properly take a shower.