Caring for the ears after a puncture

Caring for the ears after a puncture
You will need:
  • Baby analgesic (Tylenol or Motrin)
  • piercer
  • specialist Soothing thing (favorite toy)
# 1

Before you allow your child to do the ear piercing,talk about it with your pediatrician.Does the child ask, do not have any diseases in which doing the piercing is dangerous, and ask about how much pain medication may be needed.

# 2

Think about what to do after piercing of ears.You will have some time to take care of the ears of the child after a puncture until they heal - a couple of weeks to clean lobe with a special solution.If you do not want to be responsible for maintaining the health of the ears, then wait until your daughter is old enough and responsible enough to do it without your help.

# 3

Call in several salons in which engaged piercings, and ask about how they spend these procedures.

# 4

make sure that they comply with the rules of sanitation - a specialist to work with gloves, earrings and accessories piercing store in sealed containers, and the lobe befor

e puncture thoroughly disinfected.

# 5

Ask about guarantees and how can I apply to this salon again if the need arises.

# 6

About an hour before the puncture give your child a pain reliever.

# 7

attach to the lobes of ice cubes or make a cold compress for about 20 minutes before using.

# 8

Help the girl to relax during a puncture, tell a funny story or give a favorite toy.

# 9

During puncture keep the girl on his lap.Ask her to relax and breathe deeply.Quietly sing her favorite song, or give a deep inhale and exhale nose mouth.

# 10

Never bribe a child to do what he wants to do, but a special treat for the courage you can offer!Waiting for an ice cream cone or a visit to the children's park can help her gain the courage to overcome the fear of the procedure.

# 11

Tips & Warnings:

# 12

If lobe inflamed it is possible to spread a thick layer of antiseptic (eg, Neosporin)

# 13

Always consult a physician before givingmedication to the child.

# 14

Care ears after a puncture must be thorough.

# 15

If your daughter can not bear the pain of puncture, remove the earrings and give lobes heal.Go to the doctor if your ears strongly reddened, swollen fester, or the child has a fever.These symptoms may be signs of a serious infection.