How to remove folds in the armpits , swelling in the armpit ?

How to remove folds in the armpits , swelling in the armpit ?
You will need:
  • Sports uniforms
  • Consultation with a dietitian
  • Subscribe to the fitness center or pool
  • medical examination by an endocrinologist
# 1

In case foldsunderarms were due to the presence of excess weight, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor in order to get rid of obesity.Perhaps this was due to the drastic hormonal failure, frequent stress, improper and unhealthy diet, as well as the abuse habit before bedtime sweets.It is advisable at least once a year to pass a full examination by a doctor.If you can not do it, then you should at least go through a consultation with an endocrinologist and to hand over a complete blood count.In that case, if there is no weight problems, then it is necessary to use a specific impact point area, that is, the underarm.

# 2

Swimming - this is the perfect sport, with which it will be possible to significantly strengthen the chest muscles.Besides, if to swim regularly, then there will be a question of how to remove the folds under the

arms.the first positive results in about six weeks of regular training you will notice, besides the swimming pool has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to relax.You can purchase a subscription to the pool or fitness club and attend classes regularly.

# 3

To remove folds in the armpits, you can use the services of a professional masseur.In the event that there is no possibility to visit a massage therapist, then you can buy a special rowing machine and carry out regular training on their own at home.Not only is aerobic, but also strength training are the first and most important tool in the fight against wrinkles, appeared in the armpits.It is therefore necessary to hold regular and this problem will never appear.

# 4

To folds in the armpits, again appeared in a month and a half, you need to constantly carry out exercises to strengthen posture.In this case it is necessary to carry out the development and strengthening of not only the chest muscles, but also the broad back muscles.The ideal option would be to train under strict supervision of a fitness instructor who will help you choose the best exercises in which in a short time it will be possible to achieve the desired result.

# 5

also can ask the coach to make a set of exercises that you can easily perform your own home.The individual must be designed not only to weight and heart rate, but also the intensity of the rendered loads.It is very important for people who have problems with blood vessels, pressure and suffer from various heart diseases.To consolidate the achieved results, it is necessary to try to keep the correct posture and special diet - food should be accurate and balanced.Today, more time is spent at the computer, and the uncomfortable posture could provoke the appearance of not only unsightly folds armpits, and other serious health problems.