Where to get a test for carbohydrates ?

Where to get a test for carbohydrates ?
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mass of human diseases associated with his internal organs: stomach, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract suggeststhe need to study his stool.Fecal a person reveals pathology at work are important for the body's organs and periodically needs in the treatment of some zabolevaniy.Krome of stool analysis provides us with information about the work of the biliary system;the presence of internal bleeding and occult blood, the presence of parasites in the human body.

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Among the studies conducted by feces also performed fecal carbohydrates.Where to get a test for carbohydrates?This analysis is done in the laboratories of medical institutions: CMD Research Institute of Epidemiology, CDC MNIIEM them.GN Gabrichevskogo, FBUN Central Research Institute of Epidemiology.The cost of the study of carbohydrate content in feces is 420 rubles.Typically, carbohydrate analysis is performed at the patient's stools.For the analysis of stool necessary amount of abo

ut 5 ml.Feces collect better with oilcloth surface or pure pot.It is not allowed to have feces in foreign particles from the diaper or diaper.Feces are delivered for analysis in tightly closed plastic or glass containers, in the time interval up to 4 hours.diagnostic quality of the study, depends on the correct stool collection.

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analysis of feces on carbohydrates more frequently performed in children under one year, for the determination of lactase deficiency.In the milk (breast and cow) contains lactose, consisting of glucose and galactose.If you do not have enough of the enzyme in the stomach of the baby - lactase, whereby the lactose is digested, the milk and dairy products are not digested by the body.As a result, children gases formed in the intestine, they vomit, abdominal pain are.Also, it is changing and baby chair - it is liquid, yellow and foams.The microflora of the intestinal stradaet.Analiz on carbohydrates held by Benedict and to determine the presence of feces in carbohydrates - sugars, not split in the infant gut.

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Treatment of lactase deficiency in the presence of the necessary analysis performed by a doctor, prescribed drugs lactase, Low-mix and, if necessary, changing the child's diet.When the drug is taken breastfeeding nursing mothers.