How to get rid of the cheeks ?

How to get rid of the cheeks ?
You will need:
  • salt
  • warm water
  • towel or handkerchief
  • broth chamomile or other herbs
  • blush dark tones
# 1

Before taking active measuresto get rid of the cheeks, it is necessary to understand several important points.Firstly, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation.Perhaps the cheeks are not so great as it seems.Secondly, sunken face - it is not pretty.Volumetric cheeks - a sign of youth and beauty, they are not visible to many skin imperfections (wrinkles at puhloschёkih ladies appear much later).In addition, it is necessary to take such a feature, as a kind of zest.After all, if all are the same, then both men will choose?So it is good to think about everything and understand that the nature creates such people for what they are, not in vain.

# 2

If you still want to know how to get rid of the cheeks, it is necessary to start to find out the cause of their bulk.When the fullness of the whole body is different, it is clear that business in excess body weight.If the chee

ks are increasing in volume, for example, in the evening, and after drinking large amounts of fluid, it is likely that the excess of their size - is the cause of edema and fat in the body of excess fluid.Another common reason - this is heredity, and nothing can be done with it (sometimes it happens that the big cheeks has a very thin woman).

# 3

So if the reason lies in the large cheeks excess weight, it is clear that you need to get rid of it.The excess fat from the face will leave immediately, at first begin to decrease other parts of the body, but that is no reason to deviate from the intended target.So you need to lead an active lifestyle and eat right.You can sign up for a fitness or do simple exercises at home.As for food, it is better to eat more fruits and vegetables and lean meat and fish.But the amount consumed sweets, rolls and pies better cut.

# 4

There are some exercises that will help reduce the volume of the cheek muscles and make them more resilient.For example, you can first draw the cheeks, then inflate them, and then inflate and draw each cheek in turn.It is running about 40 repetitions in total.Also help and this exercise: sitting at the table, you need to place your elbows on the surface and to base them on the head.Now, head tilting, breaking the resistance of hands.Repeat need about 20-30 times.In addition, you can tilt your head forward, chin touching his chest, and then tilt it back as far as possible.Perform such movements only 10-20 times.

# 5

also make cheeks less help massage.For example, you can spend with your thumbs with a noticeable pressure from the lower jaw, and gradually moving to the ears.Perform need 20 such manipulations.It is also an effective technique to tapping fingertips on the lower part of the cheeks.In addition, you can gently pinch the area of ​​the face and rub it.And if at the same time to use a cream with components such as the extract of grapefruit (it contains substances that burn fat), then the effect will be noticeable much faster.

# 6

Assist also compresses.For example, salt is very effective, which can be prepared by adding a glass of warm water 3 tablespoons of salt.Then you need to moisten in this solution a handkerchief or towel and apply to cheeks for 5 minutes.Residues composition can be frozen and used as a lotion ice.In addition, used for compresses, and herbal teas, such as chamomile, sage, peppermint, celandine, lime or yarrow.You can also use douches, because it improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolic processes that occur under the skin and triggers fat burning.

# 7

If no measures do not help, then make the cheeks less voluminous help makeup techniques, as well as certain hairstyles.For example, use a blush on the tone or two darker skin color and apply them on the jaw line.In addition, by choosing hair style, you should give preference to the options on the cheeks flowing locks that will hide this shortcoming.But from bangs should be abandoned, since it only will weight the lower part of the face.Among other things, it is better to focus on the eye, drawing attention to the upper part of the face and at the same time diverting from the bottom.