The use of ginger for weight loss

The use of ginger for weight loss
You will need:
  • Ginger root
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Kefir
  • Water
# 1

Ginger is one of the most popular oriental spices, medicinal properties which were valued moresince the Middle Ages.Most nutritionists advise to use ginger for weight loss, stimulates the metabolism and improves circulation.The composition of ginger include amino acids, B vitamins and ascorbic acid, which makes it an excellent tonic tool.Complex carbohydrates and fiber that make up the spices, promote normal digestion and weight loss.

# 2

ginger root can be used fresh, dried or pickled.To normalize weight typically use beverage prepared with ginger.For ginger tea will need a piece of ginger root the size of a walnut, peel and rub on a grater.The stock was then poured into a flask, add 50 ml of lemon juice, honey and a small amount of hot water is poured.Tea infused for two hours, taken before meals 3-4 times a day.For those who have just started taking ginger for weight loss, you should drink an infusion of 2-3 tablespoon


# 3

In the future, you can drink a day for up to two liters of ginger tea.Instead of lemon juice can also add shredded rosehip berries.In this case, the infusion will be and tonic means.More effective would drink, if its members add garlic.To cook about two liters of tea, ginger root will require a length of 5 cm and three cloves of garlic.Products need to chop, put in a deep bowl and pour boiling water.The mixture was infused for an hour, then strained through a fine sieve and drink in small portions during the day.

# 4

combination of ginger and green tea also enhances the cleaning effect to the body.The thermos brew green tea, add to it chopped ginger and a little senna or buckthorn.This drink is perfect for fasting days, as it has a marked laxative effect.Those uses kefir diet is recommended to add a glass of kefir on ½ teaspoon ground ginger and cinnamon and a little pepper.Cocktails are mixed thoroughly and drink throughout the day.

# 5

using ginger for weight loss, can be prepared from it not only drinks, but also salads, and soups.To prepare the salad will need to root ginger, celery, orange zest, baked in the oven beetroot, crushed lemon and carrot, grated on a fine grater.All the ingredients are mixed and seasoned with vegetable oil.You can also cook a thick, rich, but at the same time easy lentil soup with ginger.Thoroughly washed lentils, pour a liter of water and cook until soft.

# 6

At this time you need to turn the tomatoes in puree with a blender.Finely chopped garlic should fry in vegetable oil, add tomatoes, broth or water, seasoning and simmer for about 15 minutes.After that, put the lentils and cook for another half hour.Then the soup pepper, salt to taste, add the cilantro or parsley.Women in the diet which includes dishes from ginger, will ensure that this remarkable plant is surprisingly beneficial effect on the human body.