Oil green coffee : the action , the effect of

Oil green coffee : the action , the effect of
You will need:
  • oil of green coffee
  • unroasted coffee beans «Arabica»
# 1

Green coffee - it is the raw grains, which are not subjected to roasting.They are eaten as a useful drink, and is also used for cosmetic purposes.In particular, in the form of oil obtained by cold extraction.Oil made from green beans can be bought off the shelf or try to cook their own fresh fruit Arabian coffee, which is widely known as "Arabica".The first way is more advantageous, since the extraction of oil is really useful you need sophisticated equipment.To distinguish it from any other oil easy.It is a viscous liquid with a pungent unmistakable odor.Color - brown and green.

# 2

The green coffee chlorogenic acid is present.When combined with caffeine, it speeds up the metabolism, that is, fat deposits begin to be consumed quickly.And since fat is present in large amounts of water (it is delayed salts), there is a light diuretic effect.This improves the circulation of body fluids, the swelling go, smoothed a

reas covered with "orange peel".Simple oil massage thighs and buttocks after a visit to the gym and shower is enough to a short period of time, improvement has been noted by others.

# 3

on green coffee oil, opinions often contain information that after the use of cosmetics containing component skin became easier to bear being under the sun.Indeed, in the product oils were found responsible for protecting the epidermis from UV light.Because patients virtually never complain about the appearance of erythema.There is also a hyaluronic acid in the composition of oil - the fountain of youth.It is up to a certain age is synthesized by the body, but in maturity hardly produced.It occurs because of aging.

# 4

is obtained from raw coffee beans oil copes with inflammation, kills bacteria and has a regenerative effect.Therefore it is recommended to use in non-healing wounds, burns, and the presence of areas of very dry and sensitive skin.That is, the tool can be used both in the daily care and as an emergency method of getting rid of the problem.Effectively it is also at brittle nails.

# 5

oil helps restore the health of not only the skin of the face and body, and hair.Nitrogenous compounds and fatty acids saturated with bulbs with everything needed for rapid growth, because hair is more shiny, scalp - less oily, but quite moist.A complex of proteins, acids, fats, carbohydrates and alkaloids replenishes hair needs a hundred percent.