How to enter the Cadet Corps : admission to the Cadet Corps

You will need:
  • list of required documents
  • excellent health
  • successful passing
  • exams a little luck
# 1

Cadet Corps - a military training school, where regular schooladded program special military discipline.A study at the institution of the Cadet type can both boys and girls, but there is quite difficult to do because of the incredibly large competition.

# 2

If the decision on admission to the cadet school was made, then you first need to decide on the school itself.It should take into account the fact that each of them has its own specifics, it says their name: Cadet Rocket-Artillery Corps, the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps, Ufa airborne Cadet Corps, etc.One of the best in the country is considered to be the cadet corps in Ufa.How to enter the selected institution?

# 3

necessary to begin with the filing of all required documents to the selection committee.Usually required: child's birth certificate and parents' passports;Check evaluations, reference and characteristics of the

school;vaccination and medical records, as well as medical insurance policies and certificates of substance abuse, STI, TB and neuropsychiatric dispanserov.Esli child engaged in some kind of hobby groups or sections, you should bring a certificate from there.Also, parents will be asked to write a statement of the student that they agree to have their child educated in the Cadet Corps.

# 4

complete list of the necessary documents that will be required to enroll in the cadet corps, as well as the time of the selection committee should be specified directly in the school.The next step - is passing the medical examination, which includes a hard psychological selection (cadet corps - a boarding institution where students are around the clock, not every child is a stand).In some cadet corps also check and physical training.

# 5

Upon successful completion of the medical committee, who wants to become a cadet will be required to pass certain exams.Typically, this dictation in Russian language and mathematics in writing, but other tests (it is also necessary to specify directly in the cadet school)

# 6

If all fees and exams passed successfully, relax still too earlyWe have to wait for the order of enrollment.Note that the number of applicants for one place comes to 40-50 people, and the number of places is limited.In addition, when enrolling in the cadet corps have benefits children of servicemen who received disease or died while performing military duties, or children whose parents are in areas of military conflicts.It is also more likely to become a cadet at the orphans left without parents.

# 7

addition to general education courses, cadets learn to work with the weapon, engaged in parachuting and combat training, get artistic and aesthetic education, engaged in music and dance, learn military-technical disciplines.In addition, each cadet corps has its special disciplines aimed at its specificity.