How to enter the Suvorov Military School ?

You will need:
  • required set of documents
  • excellent health
  • good performance in
  • school physical training
  • desire
# 1

Suvorov military school - a school where studentsIt is not only the general curriculum, but also study special military discipline.As a general rule, enter the Suvorov school after 9th grade, but since 2011 has been made possible entry into some places of this type immediately after primary school.Also in 2009, was adopted a decree according to which the study in Suvorov schools can not only boys but also girls.

# 2

So what to do in the Suvorov Military School?We must start with the treatment in the recruitment office in the community where the parents to enroll the candidate, as well as himself, asked to write appropriate statements and take all the necessary documents, the list of which will have to be clarified directly in the school or on their website.

# 3

Some children (orphans, children of military personnel, whose parents died in the war or whose parent

s are in conflict zones, etc.) are eligible for preferential admission to the Suvorov Military School.How do their parents or legal representatives?Therefore candidates should, together with the filing key documents in the military enlistment office to provide the necessary evidence to support their right to preferential admission.

# 4

If the commission in the military decides that the candidate meets all the requirements to enter the Suvorov Military School (good health, good school performance, the right age, etc.), the child receives an invitation to the entranceexams.If Suvorov Military School is located in another city, the draft board is obliged to provide the candidate free waybill to the destination and back.

# 5

arrival wanting to get into Suvorov Military School pass a medical examination, psychological and psycho-physiological examination.Also, the selection committee checks and physical training (usually children are asked to catch and run for a short and long distance).After that the student pass the exam 2: dictation in Russian language and mathematics in writing.

# 6

For each test selection committee charges a child points Suvorov is the one who typed them more than others.It should be borne in mind that if the student has any personal achievements (certificates, diplomas, certificates), then it will increase its chances for admission.

# 7

chance to go to the Suvorov Military School falls only once - repeat exams is not allowed.And only the best of the best, has withstood all tests.receive the honor and the right to be called cadets.