What to do after the phone interview?

What to do after the phone interview?
You will need:
  • Courage
  • Openness
  • Courtesy
  • Focus on results
# 1

What to do after the interview on the phone in the first place?First, send a thank you letter within 24 hours after the interview.In a letter to thank his companion for taking your time.Make sure that your appeal to the interviewer was polite, such as "Dear Mr. ... .." Call interlocutor by name only if it is allowed before you.

# 2

Specify in writing the date and time of your telephone call as a reminder for your interviewer.Summarize in writing your qualities and inform other relevant information not disclosed during the interview.

# 3

Ask for a personal interview and ask a few dates and intervals of time when you will be free.It is necessary to reach an agreement on the second phase of the interview.

# 4

Re-read a thank you letter several times before sending.If possible, ask someone else to read your letter.Typos and grammatical errors can ruin even the most favorable first impression.

# 5

Call prospective employer and ask to speak to your interviewer (calling his name).Remind your interlocutor, who you are, enter the date of your interview.Once again, thank him for an interview.Then again, ask for a personal meeting, stating once again the date and time when you will be free.

# 6

Ask when you can call back if your partner says that he is not ready to make an appointment.Be specific.For example, if you know that the decision about who will be invited for a personal interview will be made on Monday, then ask a question like this: "Can I call you back on Tuesday morning?ยป

# 7

Finish your call throughinterlocutor for his time and, noting that you are waiting for a meeting with him.

# 8

Be prepared to repeat these steps for a third and fourth time.The stronger competition in the area in which you want to work, the more important to persevere.