How to enroll in college theater : professional advice

How to enroll in college theater : professional advice
You will need:
  • Regular exercise
  • Dramatic skills
  • Desire
  • Proper appearance
  • exams
# 1

Theatre Universities have always enjoyed great popularity, so the competitionthe place has always been great.This means that for admission to a prestigious university requires special training.

# 2

Prepare need to, using all possible methods.After all, the actor must be a master of transformation, to be able to play any role.The first acting skills must be constantly accumulating, need regular exercise.Independent training before the mirror, copy behaviors of famous actors, development of charisma, their talent is very important.Do not forget about the sense of humor.

# 3

Admission to the university begins with desire.In order to achieve at least some success in this field, sometimes you just want to maniacal insistence.The desire to master the profession of actor must be very sincere and profound.Admission to this institution against his will not lead to success.

# 4

The more time and effort spent on pre-deployment training, the easier it will be to achieve the desired at the entrance examinations.Entrance examinations can be varied.This reading of poetry and prose texts of singing, the performance of the dance genre.The entrance examination consists of listening, and the final three rounds of the competition.

# 5

necessary to pay attention to their appearance.How to enroll in college theater, and not to lose face?Makeup for a girl to be quiet, modest.Clothing should be selected with taste.It is important to remember that teachers are evaluated above all the talent, but not the appearance of the brightness.Men also benefit more if they are charming and will not show the steepness of the character.Councils others not to do better to listen to, to keep their line and to remain natural.

# 6

is important to consider what should be the repertoire.Welcome the works of famous authors.Any text you need to live, to pass through.It is important to get students to experience with him.