How to use the green coffee " Abrekafe " for weight loss ?

How to use the green coffee
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# 1

This drink is green coffee, now at the peak of its popularity.The fame came to this product not just because it is able to solve the problem of excess weight without harming the body, and also without changing their usual diet.Driven by a passion that the drink contains chlorogenic acid, which helps burn fat.There are many grades of green coffee, among which are the green slimming coffee for the price of 800 rubles.entitled "Abrekafe".

# 2

Green coffee "Abrekafe" unique and has no analogues.This is all the product of natural origin, so it is a tremendous benefit to the organism.This product is rich in chlorogenic acid, tannin and caffeine.In addition, "Abrekafe" has a special production technology.Coffee beans are not roasted, as do many manufacturers not conscientious, and in a special way is processed and dried.

# 3

Green Slimming Coffee "Abrekafe" leads to the fact that after use, the appetite is much less.This is due to the presenc

e of chlorogenic acid, which not only the sensation of hunger, but also because of it, the body burns to generate energy not carbohydrates and fats only.Also this product enhances motor activity in the beverage as much caffeine is present.This component contained in coffee, causes a person's desire to do as much as possible cases and gives the feeling of waking.Such a substance as tannin, enhances brain activity.

# 4

In order to achieve the maximum effect from the use of green coffee "Abrekafe" should properly apply it.There are certain recommendations that do not violate in any case impossible, otherwise the result will be minimal.Every day you can drink only 2-3 cups of beverage.Take a drink should be about 15 minutes before a meal, as it will contribute to the preparation of the body and reducing appetite.We should pay particular attention to the fact that drinking green coffee immediately before a meal, and even more so at a time is strictly prohibited.Also, the data can not drink to wash down the food.Deviation from these rules will lead to the fullness.

# 5

Prepare the coffee in several ways.The first method is that the mug is filled green coffee powder and poured boiling water.Infused this mixture for 15 minutes, after which the desired beverage can drain from the strainer.It is also possible to brew coffee in Turku.First, in the Turk needed to heat the water, and then pour the powder of green coffee.Brewed drink on a slow fire, but it should not boil.As soon as the drink starts to boil, it must be removed from the heat.

# 6

Coffee "Abrekafe" has become very popular in our country because of its obvious benefits.This is truly a drink in the current issue of weight loss, in this case do not cause absolutely no harm to the body.Such properties can boast not every tool and diet.