Requirements for graduation

Requirements for graduation
You will need:
  • appeal to the dean of academic institutions
  • Original and copy of passport
# 1

diploma loss problem is not common, but it is quite an unpleasant situation in life.It can significantly interfere with the device at the place of work.Diploma of Higher and Secondary Education, received in a technical school, a necessary part of the documents in the interview.It is for them assess initial knowledge of a prospective employee.

# 2

Therefore, if it turned out that a person has lost a degree, you must immediately get a duplicate or restore the old certificate.Restoring diploma takes place in several stages.First, you need to apply to the institution where the diploma was obtained.In each school there is a library, where the data are stored for each student.The diploma can be reconstructed from the data available there.Therefore it is necessary to come to the dean's office or directly to the rector of the University and report your issue.

# 3

According to the generally acce

pted rules, duplicate certificates are issued on the basis of documents confirming the loss of the original.Each university has its own requirements.In case of loss, theft or other circumstances, experts say that you need to confirm.It can be a certificate from the district police, or an ad in the newspaper about the loss, in general, any documents that confirm the original void.

# 4

How to restore a degree?If you need a document from the police, you should contact the district office and ask them to write a statement about the loss of a diploma.If you want to write a letter to a newspaper, it is necessary to contact the local media and to place ads there.Editors can tell how to create an ad.

# 5

Once obtained a certificate or posted ads, you must take your passport and an identification code and come to your school.There will need to write an application for a duplicate.It may be that the need to pay for services at the box office of the institution or the bank, which cooperates with the university.A copy of the receipt or the receipt itself is attached to the application and submit it to duplicate.