How to fix a defect of speech without the help of a speech therapist ?

How to fix a defect of speech without the help of a speech therapist ?
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speech defect may occur in each person.This problem can be either congenital or acquired.The defect of speech refers to the wrong pronunciation of some sounds.How do I fix it myself?With such a problem can be overcome without the help of a speech therapist - in the case if you start to do it at the very first signs of violations of diction.For independent work, you must first understand what is necessary to correct sounds.And it is better to record it on tape, then listen and try to pronounce the sounds correctly.

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If during a conversation with their loved one with a speech defect and not very shy, that when dealing with strangers this fact it is often very annoying, because the person seems in most cases be made in the course of his speech.Along with the correction speech defect can also take care of how to make it competent.It is necessary first of all to abandon jargon.After all, literacy and jargon are on both sides of the barricades.In dea

lings brief welcome the exposition of ideas, as it is considered a sign of literacy.But it happens sometimes, when in order to avoid the embarrassment of being misunderstood listener requires detailed formulation standpoint.In this case, navigate to the previous paragraph is not worth it.

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Many parents belong to a category of speech defect that their child did not accept the speech itself.But this, according to experts, an erroneous interpretation of the situation, because a strict date exactly when a child begins to talk, nobody knows.On average, children begin to talk to three years, so the reason for concern is actually may not be.Yet if mom and dad want to help your child in this matter, they should know how to stimulate the child's speech.The first and most important method of approximation to the pronunciation of the child '' adult words '' - a constant conversations with yourself baby, no baby talk, and without the use of children, it is the usual words.To stimulate the speech can also be applied game form: '' force '' baby utter the correct word by his favorite candy: 'Repeat after me, and I'll give you a chocolate' '.

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If desired, you can also learn simple ways of how to improve diction and speech.The most popular of all methods to improve diction has always been tongue-twisters pronunciation.It would be better if to say tongue twisters, holding in his mouth a pencil or pen.Then you need to take out a pencil and repeat the same phrase without him.Diction instantly improve.If someone will speak before a large audience, then with a few simple exercises, you can give some '' charge '' of the jaw and facial muscles, thanks to which it will be delivered with good diction.In addition, it is recommended to improve a lot to read and talk.

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speech defects can relate to her partial or full correction.Very often in front of those people, who are faced with a stroke, the question arises, how to restore it after an illness.In frequent cases, the problem does not occur with two or three sounds - that is, not to have to struggle with a speech impediment, and its total loss.Knowing that the most productive period for the recovery of speech is the first six months after a stroke, it is necessary at this time to begin the process.Although doctors claim that without the expert here can not do, yet developing a certain program (perhaps with a speech therapist) and to estimate the intensity of the work, it is possible at home to deal with it.It is necessary to articulate the words intensely as possible trying to pronounce them correctly.