What qualities must have the Suvorov Military School students ?

What qualities must have the Suvorov Military School students ?
You will need:
  • pursuit of knowledge
  • etiquette knowledge
  • ability to dance
  • Responsibility
  • Decency
  • Punctuality
# 1

choosing the path of war (as, in principle,and any other field) must be very clear about the time that this choice does not change if the rest of his life, is a significant part of it.In an effort to get the military institution, we must be aware that this is an isolated, rather closed structure, with its rules, ethics, values ​​and culture.Therefore it is necessary ahead of time to think about what qualities are required to comply with certain "corporate ethics".And if you do not have these qualities, but really want to join this field of activity, it is necessary to attend to in order to develop them.

# 2

If more specifically talk about any school, it is possible to focus on such as Suvorov Military School.And to make it worth it, especially because it is focuses on the education of the military, so to speak, the elite.That is, those officers who subsequently ass

ume responsibility for the transfer of the military culture of the other soldiers, those who are will testify about what the military in the country.Especially that today a lot of attention is paid to the arrangement of the army.Therefore it is important to talk about the qualities that are necessary for the military - in order to be able to orient youth in their implementation.

# 3

Qualities required of students of Suvorov Military School, a rather diverse.And there is no such, which one could say that they are minor and insignificant.For example, the constant pursuit of knowledge, to the quality of their assimilation, as the officer may not be illiterate.Hand in hand with good physical shape should go etiquette knowledge and ability to dance.And such qualities as the desire to defend the motherland and serve it, the desire to become a professional in their field and can not speak.You could say it from the category of self-evident qualities.

# 4

addition cadet should be inherent in the pursuit of goodness and justice, responsibility, punctuality, honesty, integrity.It is worth to say about the willingness to self-sacrifice, as did the military specificity suggests in certain situations and danger for life, not just the ability to get well.

# 5

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the students of the Suvorov school should have all the qualities of a highly cultured and highly spiritual person, able to represent not only their establishment but also their country.