Where to go to learn from the designer after school?

Where to go to learn from the designer after school?
You will need:
  • designers Courses
  • School
  • University
# 1

Kursy.Dizayner - it is a popular profession, you can get to almost everyone.The only question is where to go to learn, to get good knowledge and become a professional.A good solution would be to enroll in design courses that are designed for 3 - 9 months.There you can get the basic knowledge, as well as an internship.Some courses offer more employment and that is very convenient, because it does not need to look for a job after graduation.The cost of these courses is not very high, and the classes are conducted at a convenient time for students.

# 2

Uchilische.Razdumyvaya over where to go to study in the designer should consider the school.Just to take students who have completed 9th grade.Training lasts 2 years, but during this time, you can learn a lot, not only the basics of how the courses.In addition, specialized schools much attention is paid to practical exercises.Upon completion of training student receives a diploma d

esigner, and may well start to work on a specialty.But many graduates are trying to gain more practical knowledge and are arranged in an apprentice to the famous designers, and only then start to his career as immediately start your collection is very difficult, as it requires significant financial investments.

# 3

University.Famous fashion designers to the question of where to go to learn from the designer, it is advised to apply to university.So you can get not only higher education in this area, but also a good knowledge.A good reputation with the National Institute of Design (Moscow), the British Higher School of Design, you can also go to study in Moscow State Technical University named after ANKosygin, a doctor who is a famous Vyacheslav Zaitsev.Often well-known designers to notice young talents and invite them to work for him, so you should not miss the chance to show their talents during their studies.To become a designer need not only to complete courses or university, but also have creative thinking, through which you can stand out and become a celebrity in the world of fashion.