Features studying in Suvorov School

Features studying in Suvorov School
You will need:
  • Physical training
  • Mental abilities
# 1

Getting an education in the Suvorov Military School - it is a decent solution for the future of each officer.Thanks to a highly qualified teaching staff with all the students of the institution are not only knowledge at the highest level, but also some experience that will help them in building a future life.

# 2

Enrollment in the Suvorov Military School does not follow the standard program proceeds after the 9th grade or final exams grade 11, and earlier - after the 6th or 8th, depending on the direction of education.This is due to the need to produce graduates of this institution decent education.

# 3

should be noted that previously the pupils Suvorov schools were mostly children of military life which is always accompanied by numerous crossings and from one school transitions to another - all this has a negative impact not only on the child's academic performance, but also onits harmonious socio-psychological level.Suvoro

v military school has found the right solution to this problem: the entire teaching staff, which is mainly represented by Major General, he pays great attention to the preliminary preparation of the pupils.They equate their knowledge and, promptly eliminate potential gaps, and it all takes place in a very short time.The result of a successful start training coordinated association with a single level of initial training.

# 4

should be noted that not only the "physics" will succeed in the Suvorov Military School, will not be lost here and "poetry": highly qualified teachers will help to develop your gift and humanities, to interest them in this sphere of military affairs as militarylaw or military history.It should be noted that the study in Suvorov School ACCOMPANIED BY A harmonious development of not only intelligence, but physical training and tough daily routine, which has a positive effect on the formation of the character of the pupil, taught him discipline and order.

# 5

is also necessary to say that, thanks to good equipment Suvorov school pupils can practice different sports, participate in various creative circles and sections, actively explore foreign languages, as well as the ability to work with the latest multimedia equipment for additionalknowledge of any field of science.

# 6

Education in Suvorov Military School - is not only prestigious, but also fun!We can rightly say that the stranger is not the case here.About the only one that really has a great desire to wear the proud title of "Suvorov" to cope with all the difficulties!