How to soak mushrooms ?

How to soak mushrooms ?
You will need:
  • Shiitake
  • Sol
  • Black pepper
  • Bay Leaf
  • Dill
# 1

It's summer and the majority of fans of "quiet hunting" are not averse to relaxin the woods, walk, gather up a few mushrooms and just a breath of air.If we met on the way mushrooms, then the question arises, respectively, how to cook them properly.But before embarking on salting, pickling, fried, stewed, and just cooked mushrooms, soak them properly.

# 2

fact that allocates agaric thin sticky as honey, and sharp-smelling sap, which sparkles in the bent plates mushroom cap.This juice is often inappropriate preparation milk mushrooms gives them an unpleasant bitter taste.Even in Russia, salted mushrooms have always been held in high esteem and considered a delicious dish, although in most European countries, these mushrooms are still considered inedible.

# 3

Most likely, this is due to the fact that the Europeans have still not know how to soak the mushrooms to get rid of this unpleasant taste.Shiitake should be soa

ked for several days in cold water, which must be replaced more frequently than once a day, and if possible, more often.To the bitterness of mushrooms went faster in the water for soaking can

# 4

add a little salt, and even citric acid.Before you begin soaking, mushrooms need to sort out, discard the old worm-eaten and has mushrooms, cleaned of debris, soil and hay, and then rinse thoroughly.Clean debris from the mushrooms dry easily and adhered leaves or grass can be easily cleaned with a soft brush.Thus prepared and cleaned mushrooms have to be folded in a fairly wide saucepan hats down and cover with cold water.

# 5

mushrooms soaked two or three days, provided that the water is changed daily.After this process, a soaking milk mushrooms can proceed directly to the salting.Some housewives prefer soaking milk mushrooms salting coarse salt.The fact that a large fine salt absorbs moisture and pulls out the bitterness of mushrooms, salted mushrooms and so kept under the yoke.

# 6

Changing water regularly during soaking mushrooms, we quietly get rid of latex.But it is important to change the water every couple of hours to several days.After primary add bitterness can come finally to water salt polstolovoy tablespoons per gallon of water.Once the mushrooms are washed and soaked, you can start cooking them.