How to cook the peas polished ?

How to cook the peas polished ?
You will need:
  • Polished peas
  • Water
  • Pan
  • Spoon
# 1

First, you need to purchase a high quality pea grits in the store.The good croup not dark polished peas, and even the color of the packaging.Pea are whole and chopped, whole peas preparing longer crushed.To properly prepare polished peas, it is necessary to pre-soak.

# 2

Take the necessary number of pea grits and fill it with water, it is best to use for this glass container.If it does occur dark pea, remove them manually sorting through all the cereals in the rump.We insist peas in water for about ten hours, with several times changing the water.After this period of time, rinse thoroughly with cold water rump.

# 3

We shift peas in a pot in which it will be cooked, fill with water, per one kilogram of pea grits, you need to take three liters of water.To learn more about how to cook peas polished correctly, you need to ask about the secrets of his cooking, and a lot of them.

# 4

If the water when boiling was not enough, a

dd only hot water, cold water can not be added.Also, if a pea during cooking to add a piece of butter and a couple tablespoons of vegetable, cereal cooked much faster.Reduce cooking time polished peas help soak longer and more frequent changes of water at the same time.

# 5

To salt the rump must be the end of cooking.If the pea variety in the rump is very solid, it will significantly increase the time of its preparation.The foam is formed during the cooking of pea, it is necessary to remove the special spoon with holes or a slotted spoon.Approximate cooking time pea grits - about an hour, it depends on many factors, peas desired hardness, hardness of water, the boiling intensity, varieties of pea seeds and so on.

# 6

Now you know almost everything about how to cook properly polished peas, gladly use this knowledge in practice, and eat good foods, which include peas and himself.Pease pudding and soups are useful for adults and children, as rich in vitamins, proteins and trace elements, as well as mineral salts and organic compounds, it is nutritious and tasty food.

# 7

In addition, the price of polished pea grits is not high, can afford any family.Keep boiled peas should be no more than two days in the refrigerator.Reheat cooked peas better in a microwave oven under a closed lid with a hole for steam to escape.Peas is great for soups, mashed potatoes, main dishes, side dishes and even some salads and cold appetizers.