How to cut fish fillets : step by step instructions

You will need:
  • Running water
  • sharp knife
  • Sol
  • Grater
# 1

Fresh fish is a very useful product, from which you can prepare a wide variety of delicious meals.Of course, before cooking the fish must be cleaned and to cut.If this is done correctly, the process will be quick and easy.The most convenient way of cutting fish - is to use a large cutting board and a sharp thin knife with a flexible blade.There are two types of fish cleaning - cleaning the skin from fish scales and scales along with the skin.When deciding how to cut the fish, it should be remembered that the second method is more suitable for marine fish and trout.

# 2

After cleaning the scales must be carefully cut off the fins.More fish should be gutted.To do this, an incision is made along the belly of fish, followed by a pull out all the insides.It does not damage with gall bladder, as in this case, the fish will get a bitter taste.Black film inside the fish also have to scrape off with a sharp knife.After that, the fish

must be rinsed with cool running water.Along the spine need to make an incision to the back side could pull the bone - spine and ribs.This can be done by hand or with a knife.

# 3

How to keep fish longer?To do this, cut off the head, because it is known that it was going to her process of disintegration.If the fish is cooking with your head, then you must remove the gills.They can be carefully cut with scissors.In order to leave only the fillet, you will need a special knife loin of fish.If this is not, it is possible to use any other.The more sharp and flexible it is, the easier and faster the cutting.Cutting back, you need to choose a location just above the bones of the spine but not damage the bones themselves.Then the fish is cut around the head, if it does not cut.

# 4

As for how to defrost the fish, it also needs to be done correctly.Otherwise it loses its beneficial properties.It is best to pour the frozen fish with cold water in the proportion 1: 2.That is, the water should be twice larger than the fish.The water is salt the.When defrosting it is worth considering that the smaller fish thaws after about half an hour, and large - in three or four.The warm water can not fill it, as it will become soft and begin to exude an unpleasant smell.

# 5

few secrets for those who have no experience of how to clean a fish: cleaning starts with a tail.To fish is not slipping, you can dip your hands in coarse salt.Fresh fish can be dipped in hot (but not boiling) water for a few minutes.Then the scales just comes off your fingers.This method is not suitable for fish after deep-frozen or not so fresh, as if with scales and skin coming off.Experienced fishermen cleaned fish shallow grater.When cleaning the fish knife to keep it at an angle, otherwise the scales will fly away.

# 6

The fresher the fish, the easier it is to clean.Clean and prepare the fish is best in a good mood.Casually cooked fish is so delicious, no matter what tricks when it is cooking is not used.