How to quickly dry the sealer ?

How to quickly dry the sealer ?
You will need:
  • Hairdryer
  • solvent
  • Sealant
  • Additional heaters
# 1

Usually during the complete drying of the sealant - 24 hours, depending on the type of silicone, its densityformulation and production technology.Usually sealant use technology listed on the package, and you must strictly follow all the manufacturer's recommendations.20 minutes after coating the seam sealant film appears, and after 2 hours at probing interface may seem that the sealant is completely dry.However, you can only test the upper layers, the silicone is still raw inside seam.In this case, the premature use of water may reduce all your efforts to zero, and the plumbing starts to flow again.Drying sealant depends on the thickness of the applied layer of silicone on the meter.

# 2

thicker silicone layer, the more time is required to dry it.The following recommendations, which will help speed up the process.So, how fast drying sealant: To the drying process was fast, you first need to thoroughly prepare the su

rface before applying the sealant.With good clean solvent bonding portions of dust, dirt and other foreign matter.

# 3

You must then carefully dry the surface to her no water droplets.To do this, you can use the hair dryer as using an ordinary cloth can again contaminate the bonding areas.Direct hot air stream directly to the place where the sealant will be applied to dry surfaces.Once you have carefully lubricated with silicone surface areas, we proceed to the main issue, as the sealant to dry.If you stand for 24 hours is not possible, put next to the renovated plumbing additional heater.Complete drying in such a case should occur at least 2 times faster, and soon you will be able to fully enjoy the water.

# 4

We want to give another tip - when purchasing sealant, carefully read the instructions and try to buy a quick-sealing material.Also, no harm will consult with the seller in the store.With extensive sales experience, he can tell you what kind of sealant will suit you best, and give practical advice about their application and drying.Usually, the rush is needed when bonding plumbing fixtures, as hard to do without the use of water.When sealing roofing compounds, ceramic tiles or glass aquarium it is possible to wait, so in this situation it is better not to hurry and to provide full support to the technology.