In some cases, treatment is prescribed shark fat ?Application properties of shark liver oil

In some cases, treatment is prescribed shark fat ?Application properties of shark liver oil
You will need:
  • shark liver oil
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • disease of the skin
# 1

therapeutic properties and potential of shark oil has not yet been revealed in fullas every year there are new data regarding the prospects of this natural treasure trove of useful compounds and substances.Shark liver oil, the use of which is useful even as a means of prevention, including in the truly unique chemical compounds.Properties shark liver oil have been investigated for more than 70 years, but scientists today are opening up new possibilities of application of this revolutionary product in the field of medicine and cosmetology.When purchasing products based on fat liver sharks useful properties, composition, application, and other important information is usually presented in full on the label.Form release of funds from the shark fat obtained their fish liver, it is also extremely diverse, due to the need to achieve a particular therapeutic effect.

# 2

interest in fat, is obtai

ned from shark liver, largely due to the specifics of these fish.Sharks inhabit the waters of the world ocean many millions of years, but the modern types have retained the features of their ancestors.The fact is that the sharks from the beginning had the unique characteristics of the body, allowing them to be effective hunters of water, which is why the process of evolution they have changed only slightly.shark body is rarely exposed to the malignant transformation of cells and infecting pathogens.Also unique immunity shark body tissue have a high capacity for regeneration.For a long time shark liver oil it has been quite scarce, as early as 6 hours after the capture of the fish its organs can not be used for processing.This feature greatly complicates the process of obtaining a high-quality fat before irreversible changes in the liver of the fish seized.

# 3

shark liver oil contains substances such as omega-3, vitamin A and a number of triglycerol fatty acids, squalene, etc.Despite the common misconception that healthy fat is extracted from the liver of deep-sea sharks, in fact, many of these types of fish can be used for this purpose.Depending on the release forms shark oil it can be used for various purposes.For example, a capsule containing processed shark oil, as well as cod, are effective in strengthening the immune system.A large number of nutrients contained in shark liver oil, stimulates the immune system, therefore, the systematic use of such tools allows a person to not only easier to tolerate the flu and colds, but also reduce the risk of development of malignant tumors.Proper use of capsules containing shark liver oil, can significantly improve the overall health of a person.

# 4

various creams and ointments, which include fish oil derived from shark liver, is used to remove the local symptoms for many diseases.When using these agents in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in pain, eliminating inflammation and even accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.When used correctly, ointments containing shark oil, may also contribute to the restoration of local immunity in this disease, gout.In some cases, use can completely solve the problem and eliminate the existing symptoms of the disease.In addition, the use of cream with fat spark obtained from the liver of these fish, allows to eliminate some skin diseases.Such tools do an excellent job with acne and psoriasis.