How to outweigh the refrigerator door ?

You will need:
  • Screwdrivers
  • Parts catalog
# 1

In most cases, refrigerator doors are right-handed.But refrigeration equipment manufacturers have taken care of those for whom it is more convenient left-hand door opening.So, if you have just such a model of the refrigerator, do not worry, the procedure is the same in both cases.Therefore, simply perform the following sequence deystviy.Snachala need to disconnect the refrigerator, then remove the mounting plane, and supporting the door of the refrigerator, remove the top of the loop, which you need to unscrew the bolts that secured it.Disconnect the door.hinge axis (when removing the door) to establish the new, pre-planned, point fasteners.Put the upper hinge, on-site deployment of the new door.

# 2

pretilt refrigerating appliance, unscrew all the bolts that attached the lower hinge bracket to the surface of the refrigerator, disconnect the loop.Set loop axis (when removing the door) on the new point fasteners, pre-planned.If only need t

o replace the door, the door can be made change by reducing the force with which the hinge bracket is fixed, without dismantling it.

# 3

on the door handle, as well as on the door panel insert plugs into the hub, located on the reverse side.Next, you need to fix the lower hinge on the left side (if the original was a right-hand door, and if she was to dismantle a left, then is the same, but the "mirror") holodilnika.Postavit refrigerator door on the lower hinge mounting.Insert the upper hinge shaft into the sleeve and fix the door hinge.;If the door is not adjacent to the refrigerator after pereveshivaniya, you need to check for gaps, which, accordingly, should be excluded.Then it is necessary;return to his place a serving plane.

# 4

This dismantling of the door over.But it is important to remember that if there is no certainty that this matter can be dealt with by yourself, you must immediately consult a specialist.Otherwise there is a risk of malfunction of refrigeration unit.After all, for the purchase of a new refrigerator will have to pay much more than the repairman, who will perform their work efficiently and in a matter of minutes.