How do I turn the microphone on the laptop for online conversation ?

How do I turn the microphone on the laptop for online conversation ?
You will need:
  • Laptop with microphone
  • Windows
# 1

Owning modern laptops are very lucky in the fact that they do not have a separate buy-in microphone and webcam forto communicate with someone from your friends or relatives via the Internet.The notebook was originally present and the camera, and a microphone, we can only learn how to connect them in case of a sudden shutdown.Usually, after installing a microphone connected OSes Windows 7 yourself.Problems can arise only when the sound card requires no special drivers are not available in the distribution of the operating system, but such cases are very rare.Usually sound cards compatible with standard drivers that are in the OSes.

# 2

If the driver does not have to come and sound on a laptop is not easy to take a driver disk, which was sold bundled with the laptop and install them from there.Most recently the disk included not happen.In this case, you can go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and download a driver from th

ere.In any case, when properly installed drivers microphone should connect independently.However, there may some glitches in the system, in which the microphone is turned off.Enable it very simply, if a person knows how to do it.Otherwise he will have to call a specialist and pay him a rather big amount of money in just a few mouse clicks, which is also disappointing and pointless.Therefore, each user laptop must know how to turn the microphone on a laptop.

# 3

In Windows 7, the taskbar has a small speaker icon at the bottom right, near the date and time.If you click on this icon, right-click menu will appear.It is necessary to select "Recording Devices".You should see a small window in which you need to go to the tab called "Record".On this tab, you need to find an item with a picture of a microphone and the appropriate signature, select it and click Activate after selecting "Properties" button with the inscription.After these steps will get another window in which choosing "General" tab and look, whether it is or not the microphone is turned on.To determine this, you can drop-down list at the bottom of the "General" tab.If it reads "Do not use this device", then he just turned off and it should be included.

# 4

How do I turn the microphone on the laptop, if it is written that the device is not in use?It's very simple.You just have to click on the arrow to the right drop-down list and select "Use this device".After that, you will need the "Apply" button is pressed.Settings saved and microphone work.The same window can adjust the recording levels and recording formats.However, these settings are too primitive.They only need to communicate with others on the Internet.For more serious purposes, such as professional recording required and professional applications.Therefore, the average user of the Internet will be enough to ensure that his microphone was working just fine, and through other people could hear what they said.

# 5

Most people use a microphone to communicate in an application like Skype.Therefore, to carry out further adjustments and check the microphone will be easier to work in this particular application.If you run Skype and open the application window, in the contact list nicknames among friends and acquaintances can see sound test service.To check whether the microphone, you just select the service with the mouse and press "Call".Next you will be prompted after the beep record any voice message.That is, he can speak into the microphone whatever until the next sound.At this time, the user's speech is recorded.

# 6

After the second sound will be invited to listen to his speech.If the resulting recording a normal volume and we are quite picky, and then the sides will be able to hear and understand what they say.If no sound is coming, but the user has turned on in the settings of the microphone, as described above, then the microphone for some reason does not work, and then we have to find out and eliminate these causes.In the presence of normal speech in recording with a microphone, but its lack of volume, you can begin setting up the microphone volume.

# 7

To do this, enter in the "Calls" and there select the audio settings.In the opened window remove a tick with automatic microphone settings and manually adjust its volume as long as it is sufficiently loud and clearly audible when listening to the recording.In the same window you can adjust the settings and speakers to communicate on Skype.Knowing how to turn the microphone on the laptop, any user will not appear in a situation when you need to instantly communicate with anyone, but the microphone does not work.