How do I know the type of your memory ?

How do I know the type of your memory ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Windows
  • Internet
# 1

Most modern applications require to complete the work considerable amounts of RAM.This applies both to applications designed to work with documents, and those that you can use to work with graphics.Especially a lot of memory used computer games.If memory is not installed in a sufficient amount for the application, this program is simply impossible to operate.She or not be able to boot, or it will be very very slow.And what use braking application, it's easier to find or similar application, but with less resources, or buy more RAM.The latter is a more effective tool.You should also know that when booting the operating system also uses a lot of memory to which will not have access while using the computer, because the memory is occupied by the system function.

# 2

For those who do not have a good video card, and only integrated (that is built into the motherboard), you will need more memory because the built-in video card does not have i

ts own memory, and loaded it from operating.Therefore, people often think, how they add RAM or replace it with another, with a large volume.But technology is improving every day.And the memory, which is currently considered to be the modern, can not go to the computer motherboard, bought two or three years ago.For those who do not understand, it would be easier to say that it is not physically fit, because the connector at the RAM on the motherboard does not correspond to the shape memory of the bar.So, before buying the RAM you should check exactly what is required and how much memory it already has.For example, if the user has installed a gigabyte of RAM and installed a bar, and the motherboard two slots for memory, one will be empty, and you can connect another bar memory.

# 3

But this gig can consist of two brackets of five hundred and twelve megabytes, that is, both connectors are occupied.In this case it is necessary to sacrifice one bar to five hundred and twelve megabytes, but instead to connect a new bar with a large volume.The remaining memory can be given to friends, if they have the appropriate type of motherboard, or try to sell it to other people, because the old model of memory is more difficult to get than today, and will always be willing to purchase a memory for your computer.So how do you, after all, to check what kind of memory is needed for a single motherboard?If you are not so far from the art, to not be afraid to promote a system unit and see, it will be the easiest and best option checks.On any memory written by its type.Therefore, you can get the bar of motherboard and read what is written on it, and then go to the store and ask about the presence of just such a memory.But not everyone is doing it.Some simply frightened to climb into the system unit.

# 4

For those who have a box on the motherboard installed in your computer, or a computer attached document, which contains the motherboard model, you can use the internet to search for.That is, in any search engine to enter the motherboard model and find information about what is required for such memory motherboard.But often people acquire the computer is not in the store, and other users, and the computer has been used.Conscientious seller will retain the documentation for your computer and transmit it together with him in the sale of the buyer.But, basically, it turns out that all the documentation is lost, and even an inexperienced user has no idea what kind of computer, what are the characteristics and so on.It is, when you buy, just check that the computer is running, it does not seem to slow, so it is possible to buy, as the new is much more expensive in the store.

# 5

And here are absolutely parsed in a similar technique people believe that the value of the computer depends on whether it is new or used / y.They do not have representation that is not any modern application will be able to work on such an old technique.But, starting to enjoy their purchase, one finds a lot of problems and realizes that now he would have to invest in the modernization of the computer, if it is still possible.And, as a rule, you have to buy more operational pamyatUznat its type can be and with the help of specially designed for this application.For example, there is a free application cpuz.You can download it from the official site of the manufacturer, which can be easily found through a search engine.This application provides information not only about the memory connected to sistemnike, but also about the processor, the motherboard itself and the graphics card.Therefore, such an application can be used by any user, poorly versed in the internal structure of the system unit.