How to turn a page in Word ?

How to turn a page in Word ?
You will need:
  • Operating System Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • package Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Word
# 1

In MicrosoftOffice2003 principle of construction the menu was fairly simple and straightforward.All menu tabs were text and find the page setup was very simple.However, the software is developed, and a modern office suite from Microsoft acquired a new look and visual construction.Inexperienced users or people who are accustomed to the previous version, can not always figure out where to find them now the desired settings and functions of the program.Often there are questions such as: how to turn the sheet in Word 2010 is to set the field, where the order page numbering.

# 2

If previous packages MicrosoftOffice, for example, in 2003 and it, the answer to how to turn the page in Word, served as a point located in the "File" menu, and is called the "Page Setup" in the Word2010 such an item in the menu tab is not observed.Now there is only the main focus of action on files: opening,

saving, closing, creating a new printing.However, this does not mean that now can not change the orientation of the page.This feature in the program is in a tab menu as the "Page Layout".

# 3

In order to turn the sheet in the "Page Layout" menu, you need to click on the icon "Orientation."The program will offer standard options - portrait or landscape.In the same menu, you can find other options that affect the page of the document, such as the ability to set fields to set the paper size, divide the text into columns, add page numbers or strings and allow the use of automatic translations in the text.Previously, these options were scattered in several menu, now you can set all the parameters at once.

# 4

page orientation is important not only in the recruitment document.In the derivation of the document to print is necessary to put it correctly and the printer, otherwise it may damage the paper: Landscape page is not completely withdrawn if the printer paper orientation is set as a book.Configuring print settings stored in the "File" menu, select "Print".This menu in Word 2010 is very clear.In the left column, select an output device, specify the required parameters: the size, the orientation of which pages to print, and then just click on the button located at the top of the printer image.

# 5

change the menu office package Microsoft may initially seem uncomfortable, familiar options and parameters are not where the user is accustomed to see them during the work with the previous version.However, it is a matter of habit, and look into the menu simple enough.Now all possible actions to the page of the invoice values ​​of the fields, and select the orientation to the external design, are in the same tab, all the while dialing, text contains the menu "Home", and editing features and fixes in the "Review" menu.This bloc visual structure quickly gaining user location.