How to set up the network via a modem in Windows 7 ?

How to set up the network via a modem in Windows 7 ?
You will need:
  • computer
  • mouse
  • program
  • monitor
# 1

Internet - is not only traffic jams, weather and news, this is the place for socializing, creativity,work, entertainment and others.And, perhaps, there is no such person on Earth who has ever faced with this amazing product of technological progress.To get caught up on the web, requires special devices and adapters.To learn how to set up the network via a modem and will be discussed.

# 2

worth noting that they are different, but for home use is better to buy the ability to create DSLs Wi-fitochku.By connecting to it all the necessary cables to the appropriate connectors and plug it in, you need to open the window of any of the used Internet browsers and score into the upper (address) line the IP-address (Internet Protocol), and then the required username and password to accessto the modem settings.All this information provides operating instructions.Now it remains only to change the "Network Settings" and "Wireless Network Settin

gs", save and reboot the modem.Once completed this work, you can check whether the Internet is connected to the computer modem point Wi-fi.Then you should think about how to make the "home" network, in order to be able to communicate with other connected computers and devices.How to connect a printer on the network, for example, to become a general?

# 3

To do this, there are the "Properties", "Printers and Faxes" folder, where you can open the shared folder of the same name by setting the network name.Now, do not worry.When working or thinking about how to meet the network, communicate, data on both computers will be available.

# 4

In general, I must say that, as a network of online work - very interesting phenomenon.In fact, this one connection to the other computers, customers with servers that are also powerful computers.In order for everything to work well and correctly, there is a whole system of protocols, domain names (DNS), IP-addresses and other.

# 5

Even simple steps, such as go to the social network, or open a homepage are accompanied by complex actions on the part of intelligent machines.However, no matter how beautiful the virtual world, it is worth remembering the real life, in which there are no less bright colors and interesting activities.