How to connect the DVR to the network : step by step instructions

How to connect the DVR to the network : step by step instructions
You will need:
  • computer
  • network
# 1

To gain access to the information of the DVR from a computer or via the Internet, you need to know how to connect the DVR to the network.First you need to use a standard cable, through which the DVR is connected to the network switch.Also, you need a static IP-address, it will be through access to device regulation.After connecting to the network, specify a name and password, it is delimit access to the video data and control devices.Now connect the DVR to anywhere easily.Open your browser and enter the IP-address of the device, then the user name and password.

# 2

Postal Now the next important question is how to send a message over the network.Send a message, you can use "elektronku" (e-mail).To do this, create a mailbox.In today's time is a wide range of services, which send messages for free.Knowing the email address of the interlocutor you can easily send a message.It is also possible to send messages through a variety of social networks, foru

ms and programs (ICQ or Skype).

# 3

And now about how to configure the vpn network?Everything is easy.VPN - a virtual private network.This server manages the connection of computers to a virtual private network.In the settings you need to select the VPN "Main", then click "Add VPN Configuration".The system administrator need to know the values ​​of the parameters.

# 4

Every day, social networks capture more seats in the life of Internet users.To communicate with friends need to know how to get into the social network.First I check where all the information is indicated, upload photos, make up a good password.Entrance is impossible without registration.Registration is accompanied by instructions "Assistant".After performing the main steps registration is successful.With a password, you can go to the site, to communicate and to go to visit friends.

# 5

happens when successfully installing all of the wireless network, an urgent need to change something, and this raises the important question of how to reset the wireless network settings.In the "settings" to cancel all settings and restart the computer.Modern DVRs is very convenient to install at home, they do not take up much space, easy to install, have an affordable price.