How to blur the edges in Photoshop ?

How to blur the edges in Photoshop ?
You will need:
  • Operating System Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • program Adobe Photoshop
# 1

Sometimes you want to photograph was like a postcard, was gently blurred edges, orrounded corners.In fact, to perform these operations with any image, even a beginner will be able to program Photoshop user.First of all you need to open the file you want to edit the program.opening menu is a combination of keys Ctrl + O, you can also "drag and drop" the photo in Photoshop window directly from the folder.Before deciding the question as to blur the edges of a photo in Photoshop, made very simple action: background turns into a bed.To do this, open the menu "Layer» (Layer), the submenu "New» (New) and select "From the background» (Layer From Background).

# 2

preparatory phase of the work is over, and now we need to use the tool "Selecting» (Marquee Tool), he is the second from the top toolbar, and may be in the form of an ellipse or rectangle.Select the image you want to open the menu "Selecting» (Select)

and select the item there, "Inversion» (Inverse).Now you can not work with the image itself, but with the area, and you want to blur.Effects in Photoshop are in the "Filters" menu (Filters), but to blur the edges are not required, the work is only the menu "Selecting» (Select).In the submenu "Modification» (Modify) is set to "Feather» (Feather).It opens a dialog box where you want to make the required value, for example 10. After that, just press the Del key, and a dedicated clean, and while the photos will blur the edges.

# 3

Sometimes image processing requires not only dilute it to the edge, but did get a frame with rounded corners, but it is not oval (just run, not using a rectangular selection and elipsovidnoe).To address this issue in the menu "Modification» (Modify) you must first select the "Smooth» (Smooth) and set the desired value, then call the 'Feather »(Feather), for example, from the keyboard, using a combination of Shift + F6.Next, the algorithm of actions exactly the same - the highlighted part of the image is deleted using Del.Isolation is removed combination CTRL + D.When you have finished processing, it is necessary once again to turn the background layer in the image.This is done through the menu "Layers» (Layers), set to "Flatten» (Flatten Image).

# 4

can not just blur the edges of the image, but also to paint the entire selection, giving the pictures "vintage look".These manipulations should be carried out before the shot selection and reduced layers.The desired color is selected from the palette that is on the bottom toolbar and use "Fill» (Fill).The edges are uniformly painted.Additional effect "vintage style" can be achieved by fully toned image with the option "Photo Filter» (Photo Filter) in the "Image" menu (Image), «Correction" submenu (Adjustment).There you can choose one of the suggested rendering in the options list, and use any color from the palette.After layers of information can only save the finished work: Ctrl + S.